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    WTS Big Agnes Seed House 1 1p Tent

    For sale is a very good condition Seed House 1 tent. This is a few generations old and I bought it used on here. Always used with the foot print. The past 3 years this has only seen 4 nights of use as other shelters have been my primaries. One of those nights and following day we saw 36 hours...
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    WTS Kuiu SuperDown Jacket (XXL) & Pants (XL)

    Kuiu SuperDown set for sale. I've owned these since new and maybe worn them 5 or 6 times. Zero flaws that I can see, clean and like new. I bought them at the same time as a synthetic puffy set and that has been my go-to. Jacket XXL Pants XL I'd prefer to sell these as a set but if both...
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    WTS Kifaru Mountain Rambler - MODIFIED

    I've never liked carrying my rifles muzzle down when they're on my pack! I cut the scabbard out of this pack and attached common loops at the bottom of the "tunnel" and whipped up an adjustable cradle. The side compression straps have been replaced with RG g-hook straps and the top g-hooks...
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    WTS Kifaru Pouch Package

    Some duplicates I have here for sale. Listed as a package for now. (1) Chamber Pocket (1) Small Belt Pouch - Highlander (1) Medium Belt Pouch - Highlander (1) Medium Pull-out. (1) #11 (If memory serves) Lock and Load, mesh front. All used but in very good condition. At some point, I...
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    WTS Kifaru Duplex Belt - Highlander (M)

    Very good condition Kifaru Duplex hip belt in Highlander camo. Size Medium. $55 TYD in the US50. PayPal preferred.
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    WTS Borah Bivy & ZPacks Ground Sheet

    For sale: Borah Gear lightweight bivy, cross/side zip, long/wide (approx 90"x30") (I'm 6'2" 200lbs and this was plenty big with a thermarest and my quilt. Good condition, a few snags in the mesh but no holes. Striped and dotted with silicone for anti-slip. 7.65oz on my scale. ZPACKS cuben...
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    WTS Kifaru Argali and Guide Lid - Modified for SG frames.

    Lightweight / high volume!! I did a lot of trimming and sewing to get this bag and lid down in total weight. Just over 2lbs for the set. (24.5oz for the pack and 7.7oz for the lid on my scale without chamber pockets.) Fits great on SG frames but could probably be adapted to any of the major...
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    WTS HPG Tara Pocket

    I have a Coyote Brown Tara Pocket that hasn't seen any use for a couple years. Very good/excellent condition. Maybe a couple smudges but zero damage, smells, etc. $70 shipped in the US. Buyer covers transaction fees. Thanks
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    WTS 26" Kifaru Hunter Frame

    For Sale is my Kifaru Hunter Duplex frame. CB shoulder straps. Medium OR Small belt in highlander. Stays are doubled carbon arrow shafts. Lots of miles left in this frame, I just don't use it much anymore. $265 with either S or M belt. I'll cover shipping in the lower 48, you cover G&S fees if...
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    WTS Seek Outside LBO Base-tarp-base, Extra base, TiGoat Stove.

    I'm changing up my shelter line-up and decided to sell my LBO gear. Everything has been seam sealed by me and is in very good or new condition as described below. Base-Tarp-Base (Brown) Includes full BTB set, stove jack in the connecting tarp. Cordage and 14 stakes. Used but in very good...
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    WTB Seek Outside Silex and Nest

    I'm looking for one if someone has one they aren't using. I could probably trade some LBO parts if there is interest or other gear if someone has a wish list. Let me know if you have one to move. Thanks!
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    Kifaru frames 'sold out' ?

    I thought I might pick up a new frame to try late season next to my older hunter frame and Exo K3 pack. Site says they're "sold out" Seems odd for "made to order" gear. Anyone have any info, heard any rumors?
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    WTS Seek Outside Lanner 5400

    Up for sale is a gently used SO Revolution frame and Lanner 5400 pack bag. The frame is 2 years old and the Lanner was purchased new by me last year, just after it was released. Less than 15 days use, very clean. No blemishes, no stink, no stains. I do have the nuts/bolts that attach the hip...
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    Hoyt limbs - where to get them?

    I'm trying to track down a replacement set of 70lb limbs for a 2013 Carbon Matrix. My local Hoyt dealer leaves a lot to be desired and I was hoping to pick up a set since I have a press and all the tools. Anyone know a solid source that would ship a set out? Thank you!
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    DSA - SA58

    I all but forgot that my dad had one of these collecting dust. I haven't really looked into it much, but figured I'd check here to see if anyone has or had one. I've never been enthralled with semi-auto rifles but one in .308 win has always interested me more than others. It's a heavy sucker...
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    WTS Kifaru E&E - Highlander

    For sale is my excellent condition Kifaru E&E. I've owned this for a few years and maybe used it twice. Highlander camo. Chamber pocket included. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT. Paypal preferred, F&F or buyer covers fees. Please PM me with any questions.
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    WTS Columbia Wool, Browning, Riverswest and Game Hide

    I have a few "sets" of hunting tops and bottoms for sale. Everything is priced individually and with a "set" price. PayPal preferred, F&F or buyer covers fees. I am 6'2" and 200lbs. I wear 34x36 blue jeans and all of this stuff fits me like I would want it to for what it is. Some of it has...
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    WTS Nightforce 20moa Rail - Tikka T3/T3x

    I have a receiver-length 20moa rail for a Tikka up for sale. This came on a rifle I bought and I set it aside as soon as I took delivery of the rifle. Round count at that time was 140. The rail looks new except for some loktite on the threads. $55 shipped. PayPal preferred, F&F or buyer...
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    WTS SWFA 30mm SS TAC Rings - Low

    I have a brand new set of low, 30mm SS Tac rings for Sale. Includes the 1" inserts. $30 TYD. PayPal preferred, FandF or buyer covers fees.
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    WTS WOMEN'S - Salomon Techamphibian 4 (water/boat shoes) $50

    *I'm listing these for my wife* Salomon Techamphibian 4 size 7.5. (Fit like a size 8) Cool convertible water shoe. Wear either as a laced-up sneaker or a slip-on by folding down the back. These were worn for 2 short trips to the lake by our house. Never been wet. She'd keep them if they...