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    Idaho units that gave nonresident tags in 2013 for Bighorn sheep and Mountain goat.

    Here are the units that nonresidents will be hunting in Idaho for sheep and goat in 2013! Hopefully someone here at Rokslide will end up with one of the tags! California Bighorn sheep Units 41-1 & 41-2 Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep Units 11, 19, 27-5, 28-2, 37A, & 27L Rocky Mountain Goat...
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    Montana Goats 2012!

    I just found out the north half of unit 314 was closed due to a fire. It looks like we will be going to unit 329 first.
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    Montana Goats 2012!

    On 8/31 I am packing into unit 314 in Montana for the first hunt of the year. Two friends were lucky enough to draw the tags. This is a new area for us but with all the help we have received we should have a great hunt. As soon as the second goat is down. We will be headed to unit 329 for...
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    New Article on the Ulmer Edge

    This year I am shooting the 125 grain SS Ulmer Edge. So far I have had no problems with them. The are built the same as the current Ulmer Edge except the entire head is stainless steel. They should be on the market for 2013. I have always shot the Shuttle T and had great luck but I am testing...
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    Hating my Kenetreks...

    Everyone's feet are different and a great boot for me could be really bad for the next guy. With that said I have worn Kenetreks for the last five years and will have them on again this year. Best boots I have ever purchased!
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    most common mistake made by archery hunters

    For me the most common mistake that I make is being the caller and not the shooter.
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    Alaska Brown Bear Hunt

    Congrats on the bear. That is dream hunt for sure.
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    C'mon Nevada, post 'em up

    No luck in Nevada for me. Good luck to all that pulled a tag!
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    The Broken Heart Buck

    Robby, That is a great story on a well deserved buck!
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    Good Shooting: Bragging on my wife :-)

    I sure hope she draws a great tag!
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    Let's say your didn't draw......

    I did draw some great tags this year but in the years I do not I will hunt on 4-5 OTC tags. I also will help out on hunts in units that I want to hunt in the future. I look at it as an investment in the unit before I draw the tag. I Would never say "oh well maybe next year" because you never...
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    Let's Say The Financial Secretary (AKA...

    I agree 100% you do not have to have the latest greatest gear out there. Use what you have and be happy your wife lets you hunt as much as you do.
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    New to forum from Idaho

    Welcome to Rokslide!
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    My first Marathon

    That is awesome! Big congrats
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    Nevada, ya baby! Read it and weep

    I think the commission will do the same this year!
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    Congrats on the tag! Are you hunting with a bow or rifle? The first thing I would get for your hunt is a GPS map chip for Wyoming from This Wyoming chip will make your life so much easy when hunting area 7. Good luck
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    NM resuts, who drew?

    My buddy and I pulled a coues deer tags. Another buddy pulled a 16D archery elk tag for the second hunt.
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    WY Moose Tag!!!

    Tell him Amy and I said congrats.
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    New Mexico Coues

    Lady luck is on my side this year! I found out I pulled my third great draw tag this year. I will be hunting Coues deer in southern New Mexico this fall!
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    Wyoming results

    Two good friends pulled unit 5 ram tags and another 2 pulled ewe tags. All as nonresidents!