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    Hydroforming Ackley Improved

    Has anyone done this before? Ended up finding some 280 brass and no way am I wanting to spend powder & primers fireforming right now...curious if anyone has tried this.
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    Being charged by a wounded black bear

    Same experience. Medicine bow 3 years back. crawled up under a the canopy of a low spruce and I did not realize it was there until it came out running at me. Will definitely get your heart rate going. Scope set low mag when stalking wounded your hands ready to go. They seem to...
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    Arizona CC hits coming Friday...

    So it sounds like non resident elk is done...which means no joy for me...but son got a youth non resident cow tag so will be taking him which will be a ton of fun.
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    Overlanding Rig for Hunting?

    I have mine configured similarly. Running f150 ecoboost w/ RTT & awning. Basically I can roll in at midnight be setup and sleeping in less than 3-5 minutes and back on the road just about as fast. It adds weight but I hunt all over the place and pretty much never ever have to bother with a...
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    Camping With Baby Tips

    Baby is absolutely doable. Its when they get big enough to crawl out of tent to go take a leak in middle of night that the problems start. Had one try to walk off in middle of night! Have fun! Get mom comfortable and you are set!
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    kayak fishing in lake Michigan

    I have not done that up it down here in texas on the coast using a hobie mirage 14...outriggers are not a bad idea when chop gets bad. If you are getting out much more than a mile I would be wearing a dry suit and that's only if you have experience swimming a mile. Your water temps...
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    Gear list advice for first year hunter

    Women's / kids ski clothes. The funny thing is kids don't sweat like we do it seems...they are more sensitive just overheating w/o getting wet which is weird. I have seen my charging up a hill wearing everything on...they just turn real sweat. The woobie is a game changer for...
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    Anyone done any pig hunting out there? Kids got a hunt out there this weekend. They are letting about 65 kids loose on the property. Will be going in cold curious whether individuals are running climbers or just still hunting out there in general. Both kids know how to run climbers but just...
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    European Union to issue "Green Pass" to those vaccinated, restrict those not vaccinated....

    Basically digital version of who immunization record that is required when going to Africa and other countries. I am normally overseas one week a month getting this up and running is critical. Being able to start getting back on site with customers is vital and being able to move across...
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    SpaceX Starlink Internet Service

    I am waiting to hear from someone who has mounted this to a trailer...I am thinking mobile base camp for working out west! I may try that later this summer once I get moved.
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    ammo shortages impact to firearms seasons?

    It won't affect a lot of the more serious hunters but I've got two friends who have never been hunting out west that want me to take them out to do either an antelope or elk hunt. They have never shot over 100 yds and always off of a bench here in texas so they need practice...and they only...
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    Let's see those plow trucks

    Exactly....already poking around to see if anyone can knock that out a day before I roll back in...I suspect it is all fun til you come back after a foot of wet stuff and it has packed down into ice....
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    Let's see those plow trucks

    Thanks for the heads up. Figure I am going to have to do a tractor with a blower & blade or something looking at this year's snow. They got about 5ft packed down already in the valley. Was figuring front blower ( 2 stage ) and rear blade. It will be in a garage attached to house. Figure...
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    Sidearm choices

    Glock 20 when running in wyoming / montana / idaho / colorado / utah / new mexico / arizona ( north of i-10) Glock 17 or 19 in texas & especially in arizona once you get south of I-10...with two extra mags. Texas problem is meth labs & grow sites and occasionally hogs. Arizona is crews...
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    2021 North Idaho Mountain lion hunt

    That's great getting your son out there. Something he won't forget!
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    Let's see those plow trucks since you guys live with this white powdery stuff i got a question. Moving to wyoming....from Texas. Will be travelling 50% of time so high likelihood of driving up and having 2 weeks of accumulation. What do I need to be able to effectively clear out this this stuff if it packs down...
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    Remote Cabin internet

    Has anyone actually played with the starlink app for dish direction....thinking about doing this on top of my cargo trailer. Not sure how they have this thing setup to identify best direction...assuming using GPS to pin location and then do signal strength check for obstructions...anyone try...
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    G20 holster

    Red River holsters makes a Kydex one that works with Streamlight tlr-1 and can be mounted to a Blade Tech drop offset belt loop. That allows me to run it on my belt while carrying a backpack without any interference issues. This way it never leaves me. I use the same holster set up for pistol...
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    Truck Breaking Down in the Backcountry

    OP...You will laugh at this since you're in Dallas. My truck died in the middle of the intersection off of 544 in plano. A completely iced over intersection today. ( thank you to the le officer who was willing to block my back-end while I got it back up and running so I would not get plowed)...
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    No Dog, No Boat Duck Hunting

    You are fort colllins i have shot geese in sight of the CVS in greely from a field in town. So field hunting works. Coworker who used to live there took me out two or three times with my boys year before last. As far as duck w/o boat or dog that's all I've ever done. 1. Waders 2. Fishing rod...