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    What knife does everyone carry?

    Nothing wrong with either of those.
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    Personal Safety

    And your kids make an excellent point. Whenever I am a coffee shop for instance, I always sit where I can see the door and when it opens I look up and watch whom ever came in for a few seconds to be sure coffee is all they came in for. A gunman could shoot everyone in a coffee shop before...
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    Personal Safety

    I always carry concealed NO MATTER where I am. Evil is everywhere, Boulder is proof of that. A simple trip to the store, post office or gas station can quickly turn onto unexpected chaos, it pays to be prepared. I'm not going to try to be a hero, I'm heading for cover as fast as everyone else...
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    Best wheel gun setup for griz protection?

    10MM is probably a bit closer to .41 magnum, but it is definitely not a .44 magnum
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    Marlin 45-70 value

    Is the "JM stamp" part of the serial number?
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    For those that carry in the backcountry....

    Very nice. I have the Toklat too. Nice gun but it took me a while to get used to the slab sided barrel. I got a Simply Rugged Chest holster for it.
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    For those that carry in the backcountry....

    Nice grizzly, what gun did you shoot it with, I can't tell from the photo.
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    Sidearm choices

    Not one of the choices but I wild pick one of my .44 magnums. Ruger SBH or S&W Model 29.
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    .35 Whelan

    I recently sold my .30-06 and kept my .270 Winchester. Instead of getting another .30-06 would it be a good idea to skip the .30-06and get a .35 Whelan? I sold the 30-06 because I really didn't like the rifle, it wasn't the caliber.
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    Time for a member re-introduction! Where are you from+a fun fact about yourself.

    Lenexa, Kansas Fun Fact: I am a serious watch collector.
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    Rifle minimalists

    I have often wondered that very same thing, why do I need so may guns when a couple would probably do? A .30-06 or .270 will kill anything I am most likely to ever hunt and the money it would take to buy other guns surely can go towards more important things the entire family can benefit from...
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    First coronavirus death was several weeks before we thought...

    Our middle son was home from school for Thanksgiving a year ago this past November, making it 2019. He was very much under the weather all week. Looking back it was all the symptoms of COVID, no test was available yet as COVID was almost, if not unheard of then. We all were around him all...
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    Recourse for undisclosed issues in home purchase?

    Call a real estate attorney.
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    Scheels !

    Let me ask this, would you leave a loaded and cocked gun laying around?
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    Scheels !

    Yes, I was wondering the exact same thing, seems like not such a smart idea.
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    For those that carry in the backcountry....

    Diamond D Guide's Choice chest holster or a Simply Rugged chest holster depending on what gun is carried. If you carry it at the bottom of you pack you may as well leave it at home.
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    Lanyard Ring For Revolver

    Has anyone here ever attached a lanyard ring and a lanyard to their revolver? I am considering putting one on my Super Blackhawk for more security against dropping while in less than ideal conditions, like rough country or around water. Your thoughts are welcome.
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    New (to me) 340 Weatherby

    That will definitely kick some ass.
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    Browning A-Bolt and X-Bolt

    Of the two which one is "better"?
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    Browning A-Bolt and X-Bolt

    What is the difference between the A-Bolt and the X-Bolt?