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    Hydroforming Ackley Improved

    Has anyone done this before? Ended up finding some 280 brass and no way am I wanting to spend powder & primers fireforming right now...curious if anyone has tried this.
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    Anyone done any pig hunting out there? Kids got a hunt out there this weekend. They are letting about 65 kids loose on the property. Will be going in cold curious whether individuals are running climbers or just still hunting out there in general. Both kids know how to run climbers but just...
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    Shotgun Slugs - Sabot / Smoothbore

    Don't normally have to mess with shotgun slugs but my kids have a hunt coming up where they are required to use non-toxic buck or slugs. No go on finding any 00 buck hevi-shot. So that puts me at trying to get them some copper solids. Never dealt with copper solid sabot's are they safe to...
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    LWCF / GOA - Ted Cruz

    For those of you from texas...may be of interest to others. Our US senator does not have much interest in public lands and had voted against this act...pinged him about it several months ago and just got the response this week Thank you for contacting me regarding the acquisition and...
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    KRG Bravo - 700 - Feed Issues

    So I've pulled together a Bighorn Origin action ( 700 clone ) with a KRG Bravo long action chassis running MDT 3.85 magazines with factory 300 Win Mag ammo (180 Nosler AB). I am seeing feeding issue in that the bolt when pulling the round off of the magazine grabs it just fine...drives the tip...
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    300 Blkout Expansion / Hogs

    Any of you running 300 blackout for hogs? I've been running the 130 grain barnes tsx and it's done ok. Just not seeing a lot of expansion or full penetration. Normally don't want to find the bullet and prefer a bigger hole. This weekend had a quartering to shot that made it through the...
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    Arizona 7e experiences

    So turns out I got drawn for more than I expected this year. I have been drawn for a general tag in Wyoming and Montana and an Arizona September archery tag in unit 7e. This was at the bottom of my option list for tags. Curious what people's experiences were with this unit during this hunt. I...
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    Kesugi ridge denali state park

    Anyone hike this before? Supposed to be out there late July and curious how rocky it is for deciding if I am running a free standing tent or tarp. Tarps are great but if you cannot get stakes in it gets fun! That and how brutal will the mosquitoes be?
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    SE Arizona Spring Bear

    So has anyone done the spring bear hunts in SE arizona? My company's got a remote office in tucson so I can work out of there and go spend weekends hunting out there pretty easily. ( Can do it out of phx as well but easier to camp near tucson ) I've hunted javelina out there but never gone...
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    AO Tent Options for base camp

    Got two teenagers that I normally bring out for Oct/Nov elk hunt in MT/ID/WY depending on where I can get them tags so usually getting into some weather. My normal setup is to run an f-150 w/ me in the bed and the boys up top on the roof when we are staying mobile and cold camping. So that...