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    RIP XV Rabbit Hole

    In my search for a perfect arrow of high FOC, speed, durability and accuracy I have probably bought, broke and lost a few thousand arrows. The next step in my evolution was to try a stupid low GPI arrow, (RIP XV) and attempt to build up the front for more durability. In this step of stupidity, I...
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    2021 Bowtech

    2021 Bowtechs are out. Seems to be a new SR6 with better speeds at lower draws and less dump at higher ones and a new SS that is a slower/lighter Revolt. The SS has almost the same specs as an original Realm. The SD is intriguing for the shorter draw guys, but the Solution is even faster at...
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    New custom recurve

    Biting down on the bullet and sent a deposit yesterday for a new custom stick. Sending Cory Engert with Heartland some money for one of his belly mounted bows. 47#/60''. I think we're going with a bocote riser with a lighter stain and spalted maple limbs. Beyond excited for it.
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    I was able to spend some time with Tom Sr at RMSG earlier this week. The amount of mechanics and nuance you can fix and tweak for proper shooting form is astounding. I am confident in my compound ability, so I opted to bring my recurve knowing it needed quite a bit of work, as well as how much...
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    WTT Apex 34R for Apex 35R

    Anyone have a pair of Apex pants size 35R they'd trad for 34R? Bit too snuggled up on my twig n' berries. NWT