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  1. Hoot

    outfitter recommendations

    Thanks everyone, I did tell them that 2022 was probably more reasonable but that I’d help do some searching...
  2. Hoot

    outfitter recommendations

    I have a friend that asked me yesterday, a little late in the game I know, about an outfitted hunt for him, his dad, and his nephew. This would be a rifle hunt, his dad is older and they are not in the greatest shape so that is a factor, and they'd like nice cabin/accommodations, they are open...
  3. Hoot

    Arrow spine software says “too stiff.”

    Justin, I find the same thing, with my prime I shoot the same 4mm fmj .330 as you with 175 up front and they are way more forgiving and group tighter than .300’s this year I am shooting an rx4 ultra, I just got 80 pound limbs for it, 29” draw. I’ll be in the same boat as you trying to find the...
  4. Hoot

    Recommendations for cooking a moose roast.

    That’s the recipe I follow as well...
  5. Hoot

    Recommendations for cooking a moose roast.

    Barbacoa....street tacos...
  6. Hoot

    Big crazy in little California! The Colorado PAUSE act ballot initiative

    I gotta get out of this state....
  7. Hoot

    Best sleeper states for elk and moose?

    Please give me all your secrets, and make sure it is exactly what I want to hear, otherwise I'm going to cop an entitled attitude...
  8. Hoot

    Hardest unit to draw in Colorado

    What are you after? Archery/Rifle? How many preference points do you have?
  9. Hoot

    Xero A1i illegal in States

    I'm not familiar with the sight, but if it has batteries, that is why it's illegal in CO...
  10. Hoot

    Is a Spike Elk a 'Real' bull?

    pretty presumptuous of all of you to assume you know what pronouns they go by....
  11. Hoot

    ABB Platinum or GAS Ghost

    I love the gas ghost xv strings, they’ve been very stable for me. a friend of mine shoots abb platinums on his 80# Hoyt and they’ve also been super stable. gas gets my vote, both companies offer a military discount as well...
  12. Hoot

    Vise question (home setup)

    I like to use multiple levels to ensure the bow is plumb in the vise. I start with a string level, check with a large level spanning both limbs at the pockets, and then depending on the riser/shelf, I’ll use smaller bubble levels to check there as well...
  13. Hoot

    drop away rest recommendations

    I prefer limb driven rests and I shoot hamskea, I like the hybrid hunter more than the trinity, for the weight and bulk reasons. AAE makes good affordable rests, if I were in your shoes and not wanting to spend a bunch of money, I would look there. The QAD ultra rest is very popular, but I...
  14. Hoot

    On a more serious note, why so many bright colours?

    The only thing color on my bow is my D loop so I can see it in low light, and my sight housing ring. I use bright pink vanes, only because that's the only color my eyes can pick up in flight.. Anything else is personal, in my opinion...
  15. Hoot

    Who did you meet hunting this year?

    I bet he did...
  16. Hoot

    Prime centergy shooters... or anyone who has tuned a ton of bows

    Most of them tune nock high. You can advance the top cam a bit if your OCD wants it to stay level (that’s what I do). the TRK cam likes a weaker spine, I’m at 29” and 71lbs, I shoot a .330 spine with 175 up front. I’ve played around with shafts from .260 to .350 and weaker spines tend to be...
  17. Hoot

    Do bow shops hate when you work on your own stuff?

    I’ve had a lot of the same experiences, and I also set up my own shop in my basement as a result. I encourage everyone to learn to DIY, but I also try to help bridge the gap a little. Everyone will become a better archery if they learn to do their own tech work, in my opinion!
  18. Hoot


    1a. You are waiting until you won’t be harassing winter animals and the legal shed season is in, and all the other “hikers” have already picked them up.
  19. Hoot

    Dip in the Market, what are you guys buying?

    I need more snow goose decoys too...
  20. Hoot

    Cutting shafts to the rest

    The rest is in a fixed position, all the steering comes from nock travel. I think Tim is saying that the more arrow you have in front of the rest, the further off of your aiming point you will be if your nock travel is not exactly perfect in line with your rest. The way that I see it though, is...