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  1. Dinny

    Sold 6.5mm Target Bullets

    Duplicate post. Please delete
  2. Dinny

    WTS 7mm Target Bullets

    5x Sierra #1975 7mm 175gr SMKs 100ct: $48 ea 1x Sierra #1930C 7mm 168gr SMKs 500ct: $240 PAYPAL and USPS shipping only. Shipping not included in prices. Thanks, Dinny
  3. Dinny

    WTS Target Bullets

    While I may be relatively new here, I do have sales history on other sites like Graybeard Outdoors and the 24hrCF. I retire in a few months and plan to move. There's no need to lug this across the country. I still haven't opened every ammo can I have in storage so there may be more where these...
  4. Dinny

    I Want To Hunt Mule Deer

    Never lived anywhere I could hunt them. Please school me on where I could go and have half a chance of seeing one. I've lived most my life in IL, IN, MI, KY, OK, and VA but I know how to shoot a rifle at distances beyond 100yds. Thanks, Dinny
  5. Dinny

    Newbie from SE VA Kinda

    I'm currently stationed in SE Virginia but plan to move back to S. Indiana later this summer when I retire. I've heard alot of good things about Rokslide and finally decided to check it out. Thanks, Dinny