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    For Sale Semi-Custom 6.5x47 Lapua

    6.5x47 Lapua built by Ryan Pierce of Piercision Rifles This is my most accurate, and most fun gun to shoot. Shoots 3 shots in the .1s and 5 shots in the .2s if the shooter does their part. Took an antelope at 612 yds last fall. Have a load worked up with 140 Berger hybrids and h4350. Will...

    WTS: Semi-Custom 7 Rem Mag

    Semi-Custom 7mm Rem Mag Selling because I just got a 28 Nosler so this gun is a little redundant. This was my first "real" rifle and has been well taken care of. Gun has 410 +/- 20 rounds through it. Almost all shot by me with time between shots to cool. I have a load worked up with H1000...

    How do I attach this to a kifaru belt?

    Just got my first pack with a real hip belt and wondering how to attach this pocket? What do I need? Or just use some P cord? Thanks for the help.

    Looking for or ideas on pack for hauling kids

    Have a ~27 lb. 2 yr. old and needing a pack to hike with. Looking for options or one for sale. What models should I look at? Thanks.

    WTS: Vortex PST 4-16x50 mil

    Barely used 4-16x50 PST in mil/mil. Glass is perfect, VERY slight ring marks on underside (see pics). Comes with everything as new. $550 plus shipping and insur. Paypal gift or postal MO.

    HellsCanyon - Inbox Full

    Don't know what forum section to put this in.

    2014 Project Rifle

    2014 Project Rifle - need help Where to start...... I want to build a rifle that I can use on antelope, deer and elk. I also want to be able to shoot paper with it out to 600 yards and maybe game if I get proficient enough on paper. I live in Iowa so we don't really use rifles for anything...


    What does everyone use to video/film their adventures? I'm in the market for a camera, be it a DSLR or Camcorder, and am curious on what others use. I would like to be able to put a external mic on it for better audio in the woods and to cut down on wind noise. I would love to start doing...

    Short turkey vid from 2012

    Since spring turkey is getting closer I figured I'd put together this short video I took last year during first season here in Iowa. I was filming and my brother was behind the gun. It was a 20 minute hunt. I love setting up 60yds from a bird and not know it till he gobbles at the first crow...
  10. IAHNTR

    Bullet Seating Depth - How to know?

    I know there are a few on here that reload, so I figure someone can give me some advice on this matter. I am reloading for a Rem 700 .243. What do I need to know to seat the bullets at the correct depth in the brass? I currently have Hornady 58 grain V-Max bullets that I'm reloading, but am...
  11. IAHNTR

    Aluminum Arrows

    I'm wanting to go back in time and shoot some aluminums this year for whitetails. All the shots should be under 35 - 40 yards so I'm not worried about be too heavy and what not. Does anyone out there have any 2315 (preferably) or 2413 (xx78 preferably, but xx75 will do) arrows that are sitting...
  12. IAHNTR

    CVA Accura V2

    Anyone have any experience with this muzzleloader? I'm looking into getting one soon and figured I'd ask. Thanks
  13. IAHNTR

    Sitka Fanatic Series ??

    Has anyone tried the Fanatic jacket or bibs? What do ya think? Warm? Worth the money?
  14. IAHNTR

    What is your tree setup?

    Just like to hear what others are running for their treestand setups. Last year I picked up a Lone Wolf Alpha II and a set of 4 LW sticks. After a lot of contemplating between the LW and Muddy sticks I went with the LW due to them being longer and therefore needing 1 less to get to roughly the...
  15. IAHNTR

    What Pistol?

    I am looking into getting a pistol that will be used for a sidearm when headed west, whitetails in Iowa (has to have 4" barrel) and to have around the house. I don't know too much about pistols so am asking you guys to help me in brand and caliber. My budget will be around 500$. Thanks
  16. IAHNTR

    CORE4ELEMENT Pivot Base Layer on Camofire for 36$

    Just a heads up for the next 4 hours.
  17. IAHNTR

    Luke Moffat

    Hey- Clean out some of your pm's. ;) Cheers
  18. IAHNTR

    Vortex Skyline Angled 80mm (not ED) ??

    I have a chance to pick one of these up off of Craigslist for 300 bucks. It has hardly been used (hence the selling) and comes with scope case and tripod. The tripod I'm assuming is the one that might come with it when new, but not sure. Body and glass are like new. Just wanting to know if this...
  19. IAHNTR

    Go Lite Shangri-La 5

    Does anyone have any information/thoughts/recommendations about this tent system? I like the idea of being able to add the floor or nest (floor with bug screen). Don't think the wife would sleep in it with out the nest installed. Just trying to find a good light weight tent/tipi that I could use...