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  1. .204smokechaser

    Salmon Challis area wolves

    Hello fellow Roksliders. I've only spent a handful of days over in the Salmon Challis area as I mainly stuck around the Clearwater Region while working and going to school. I have accepted a tentative job offer over on the Salmon-Challis and am going to head over and start learning the area. I...
  2. .204smokechaser

    2021 Fitness Goals Thread

    I thought we should get the ball rolling with a 2021 fitness goal thread as our fitness and nutrition goals are already beginning to filter through our minds. Post your goals here! For 2021 my goals are: Continue to limit chewing or kick the habit altogether. Do not have an energy drink...
  3. .204smokechaser

    Hunting around admin sites on public lands

    Thought I'd post a reminder to be respectful, courteous, ethical, and law abiding when hunting around administrative sites on public lands. I work and live out in a national forest in Eastern Oregon 28 miles from town. Archery season started the 29th here and since then we have had two rigs...
  4. .204smokechaser

    White Tail take over in unit 65/66 Oregon

    I've been living and working in a national forest (Western edge of unit 65) since the end of May and have noticed a few white tail running around. This last month or so I've noticed an increase of white tail bullying the mule deer. Just last night, I watched two white tail does try to run some...
  5. .204smokechaser

    Eastern Oregon Hunting?

    Howdy folks! I accepted a job offer in the vicinity of the John Day area and am starting to look over Oregon's hunting regulations to see what Oregon has to offer. I'll still hunt with Idaho resident tags through next fall but won't have much time to hunt until late November. I may switch...
  6. .204smokechaser

    Filled My Elk Tag

    After a season of ups and downs, I was blessed with filling my Idaho tag on this spike Sunday evening. I got done last night putting the rest of him in the freezer. He is a tasty little fella.
  7. .204smokechaser

    GPS freezing/not loading with OnX chip

    Howdy, I've been having troubles with my Idaho OnX chip not working in my GPS Map64S. Does anyone have any ideas on how to work around this issue? Thanks.
  8. .204smokechaser

    Late Spring Wolf Tactics

    For those of you who've been successful hunting wolves this time of year, how'd you call them in? I'm thinking calf/fawn distress and maybe a howl or two once I know where they're at. I have been seeing a lot of wolf sign and know the general area where a few packs are on the district/forest I...
  9. .204smokechaser

    Once in Lifetime Hunt Costs

    Hey all, I've been planning out a budget for possible planned hunts within the next 5 years and am stuck on the general cost for OIL Moose and Goat in the lower 48. For hunting, I have a C.D which my late grandma set up for all of us grandkids before her passing that is doing pretty good. She...
  10. .204smokechaser

    OnX freezing on GPS 64s

    Hello Roksliders, I've been having troubles with my Idaho hunt chip in my GPS map 64s. When I go to delete the current track, the screen freezes on me. This has happened every time I've tried to delete the track. Last hunt I just left the GPS in the truck and used the app on my phone. Does...
  11. .204smokechaser

    Idaho White Tail 2018

    I've been counting down the days until I'll become a resident of Idaho according to IDFG standards! I am looking forward to getting a chance to hunt white tail this fall and possibly elk if the tags aren't sold out. Seen some big bucks while working last summer that I'll try to track down this...
  12. .204smokechaser

    Naches guy new to the forum

    Hey everyone! I met Justin Crossley the other day while helping pack out a bull and he mentioned signing up here on Rokslide! This is my last year living in Naches and have done some wilderness hunting here. I will have residency in Idaho next year and am planning on hunting Deer and Elk in...