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    Shot camera for spotting scope?

    I'm going to start practicing my rifle skills (or lack thereof) at an outdoor range that has steel targets at 100,200,300 and 400 yards. I will be shooting solo in my lane, but will likely have other shooters around me. It occurs to me, with multiple parties ringing steel around me, there's no...
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    Do Crispi Guide boots go on sale?

    It appears that Crispi tends to run sales annually. Have you guys ever seen the Cirspi Guide boots on sale, or is that model typically excluded from annual sales? I would like to start hiking and breaking in a new pair of boots for my first elk hunt this year, but I don't want to pull the...
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    Vacuum sealer for around $300?

    I know, I know. The more expensive sealers tend to hold up better. And if I intended on mostly vacuum sealing, I would opt for a nice chamber sealer. However, I will mainly use the cling wrap and freezer paper method - but I will vacuum seal certain things, like link sausage, stew meat, etc...
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    2022 WY Cow Elk Outfitter Recommendations?

    I'm planning on taking my first elk hunting trip to Wyoming in 2022, and for various reasons, have my sights set on cow elk. I'll be turning 50 that year, and as I likely won't be with a buddy and have no DIY experience, I'm looking to treat myself to a guided ranch/lodge type of hunt. I'm...
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    First Lite Sawbuck brush pants - two thumbs up

    Not a First Lite fanboy (yet), but figured I would relate some recent experience with their Sawbuck brush pants. I was hunting for hogs here in GA and ended up venturing far off the trail in an area that was wall to wall briars and thorns. At one point, I had to laugh at myself for being way...
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    HDPE cutting board recommendations?

    I'm looking for a cutting board and think that an HDPE board around 24"x36" would make for a good size. Any recommendations for retailers who seem to have good prices and quality product?
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    Returning to zero with different brands of ammo?

    Hey guys. I'm new to the scoped hunting rifle game, and I have a question about returning to zero for various brands of ammo. As an example, I went to a range yesterday (first time with a bolt rifle) and I zeroed my 30-06 rifle with 150 grain Federal Power Shok. I adjusted the windage and...
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    Questions about the cling wrap and freezer paper method

    So this will be my first year hunting, starting with an axis deer this summer. After reading horror stories about processors, I have decided to do it myself. I was pretty convinced that I needed a $900 vacuum sealer, but after my research on the cling wrap and freezer paper method, I think I...
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    WTB Mystery Ranch “Front” Backpack

    Found one
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    Upright manual defrost freezer - a thing of the past?

    I am on the hunt for an upright freezer with manual defrost. It seems that every upright freezer made now is frost free, which I would like to avoid. In searching craigslist, FB marketplace, etc., it also seems like there are no used uprights with manual defrost to be found. Am I by chance...
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    Seeking WY outfitter recommendations for first elk hunt

    Hey guys. Long time listener, first time caller. I will preface my question by saying that I have done a ton of research on this, including on this forum. However, it seems that most of the conversation is based around bulls, and understandably so. As a first time elk hunter, I was hoping to...