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  1. belly-deep

    Sierra Designs 15 degree down bag - long

    Sierra Designs Nitro down bag long It weighs 2lb 5oz Stuff sack and storage bag included. Used only about 10 nights or so. Like new. $150 shipped to lower 48
  2. belly-deep

    Does anybody make a good orange vest?

    Anybody know of a good orange vest? Seems like with all of the clothing proliferation in the past few years, a decent orange vest has been neglected. First Lite and Kuiu don't make one. Sitka does, but its $100 and one of the reviews on their website say it is noisy (plus it weighs nearly a...
  3. belly-deep

    Excellent Kuiu Customer Service

    Given some recent threads complaining about poor customer service by Kuiu, I thought I'd share my experience. I ordered the wrong frame size for an Icon Pro pack. I called CS and they said to just send it back in with a note explaining what I needed. Package was sent on 12/22. I received the...
  4. belly-deep

    Signature Line

    I can't edit my signature line when I go into my use CP. I can change my other bio information, but not the sig line. Anybody know what the deal is?
  5. belly-deep

    Kryptek Sherpa

    Just saw (and bought) a Kryptek Sherpa hoodie. I didn't plan on buying one, but was impressed when I saw it. Anybody else wear one? What are your thoughts?
  6. belly-deep

    Zero Dark Thirty

    Go see it! Great movie!
  7. belly-deep

    Wait or jump?

    It seems the preferred method for getting a shot on a bedded buck is to wait for them to stand on their own choice. Why is that? It seems as though waiting increases the risk of a wind shift or another hunter etc. spooking the buck out without giving you a chance for a shot. On the other...