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    Tikka 7mm or 300win mag

    I'm looking to purchase a new tikka T3 for a light weight long range rifle. I'll be mounting a NF NXS 5.5-22 x56 on it. I will most likely be shooting factory ammo. What caliber between 7mm and 300win mag would you guys recommend.
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    Please Recommend Light Long Range Rifle Set Up

    I am looking a purchasing a new rifle. I am mostly a bowhunter but want a do all rifle for hunting and would like you guys opinion on what to get. I will be shooting factory ammo. What Rifle , Caliber and Optics would you recommend. Also any additional modifications like brakes.I would use it...
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    Kuiu Chugach or Yukon

    I want to get either the Kuiu Chugach or Yukon set. I will be replacing my Kuiu Guide jacket and Cabelas Space Rain gear with this set and will be using it as my primary shell over a super down hoody for rain and wind. I will be using it for Colorado archery elk. Noise and weight are both a...
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    Puffy Hard shell Combo

    For my back county bow hunts, I have been running the Kuiu Spindrift and guide jacket and packing Cabela's space rain gear. I'm thinking about getting rid of the soft shell and running the Kuiu super down with either the Kuiu chugach or the Kuiu yukon. What setup would you guys recommend?
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    Turkey Decoy Set Ups

    What Decoy set ups do you guys like to use. I have been using a B-mobil with a jake fan and beard and two cheap feather flex foam hens and have limited out every year but I have never really had crazy encounters birds.They were always shy coming in. I did have one tom sprint in to a breeding...
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    Pin color and size.

    I'm going to get a tommy hogg 5 pin slider. What color and size configuration do you guys like to run on your set ups.
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    Best Long Draw Bow

    I am getting a new bow help me pick it out . I have a 31.5-32 draw length. I have been shooting a 2010 Hoyt Maxxis 35 70# 31" dl I was avoiding having to get a new bow but I have to bend my arm or lean my head forward to shoot. I was looking at the CPXL or the Carbon Spyder LD also the PSE...
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    Hanwag Alaska or Hanwag Mountain Hunter Lights

    What are pros and cons between the two. I used Asolo Sassalongs this year and got bad blisters on my heels. Gonna get Lathrop and Sons to set me up Just can't decide between the two. Thanks
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    Camouflage Packs Illegal?

    I am buying a new Kifaru DT1. I really like the multi cam pattern but I was thinking about getting it in a non camo color possibly foliage as a do all pack. I want it for my backcountry hunts as well as international travel. What color for hunting and travel friendly bag. I know many countries...
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    What kind of gloves are you guys using for yor backcountry September hunts in Colorado ?
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    Kuiu Guide Jacket

    Im 6'5 220 with a 47 inch chest and 36.5 inch sleeves and a 23 inch torso what size guide jacket should I get. Im at the upper limit for an xl should I size up to xxl or go with an xl. I hate sleeves and shirt tails that are to short. Thanks
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    Darn Tough Socks

    Those of you using Darn Tough Socks. What specific kind do you use for your backcountry september hunts.
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    Clothing System- What else?

    This is what I'm taking to hunt Sept. 5 thru Sept 18. 8000-10000 feet. North of Steamboat Springs. What else would you guys recommend .Thanks First lite Llano top First lite Chama top First lite Allegeny bottoms Sitka Ascent Pants Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket UA Beanie UA Liner gloves Cabelas...
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    Great Deal WM Badger

    I was looking at came across a WM badger almost brand new for 300. Just thought I would pass it along. I would be all over it but I'm 6'5 and it's a regular.
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    Sleeping Bag Choices ?

    I have a TNF Cats Meow 20 degree bag that I am a little concerned about the temperature rating. I am looking to purchase a new bag and I have narrowed down the choices between these two bags. I will be using it in mid September in Colorado a 8k to 10k. 1)Kifaru Slick Bag either 20 or 0 in long...
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    Building A Backcountry Setup On A Budget.

    I posted this on another forum and I have gone through and made modifications and weighed everything. I think this would be a great place to post this due to all the experience here. I have been researching and getting great advice from this and other forums for building a backcountry setup on a...