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  1. BMB

    Adding a stove jack to a tent.

    Anyone have a lead or know a company that will add a stove jack to a tent (GoLite SL-5)?? After watching Luke's video and doing some reading I went ahead and bought it over the Sawtooth. Also ordered up the same nest, it should be a palace when I'm by myself or sufficient for me and the family.
  2. BMB

    I've got serious issues.

    Am I the only one that thinks 8 miles at 1am isn't ridiculous or maybe it means I possibly need counseling?? You guys ever work out in the middle of the night when you can't sleep?
  3. BMB

    Lanthrop and Sons........

    So, after seeing Aron's thread on the insoles I went and checked out the website. How many of you guys are wearing their boot systems?? I like the whole fitting idea. Have my eye on the Mountain Light GTX and the Alaska GTX. anybody have the low down on these?? are they truly custom fitted??
  4. BMB

    Trail Runners/Ultra Runners??

    Any of you guys in the trail running or Ultra scene?? Gonna be in CO around the end of June and beginning of July for the HR100 in Silverton....anybody else gonna be around??