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  1. Hoot

    outfitter recommendations

    I have a friend that asked me yesterday, a little late in the game I know, about an outfitted hunt for him, his dad, and his nephew. This would be a rifle hunt, his dad is older and they are not in the greatest shape so that is a factor, and they'd like nice cabin/accommodations, they are open...
  2. Hoot

    Sold Hoyt RX4 Ultra

    Looking to buy an RX4 Ultra now that the 2021 bows are out, or will be this week. If you are selling yours and upgrading, let me know... Thanks!
  3. Hoot

    2021 Hoyt

    Supposed to release tomorrow or Tuesday, I’ve heard both dates... That being said, if anyone is upgrading, I’m looking for an rx4 ultra, #2 cam, 70 or 80lb limbs, let me know!
  4. Hoot

    Sold Nock on silverback release

    It’s in great shape, I don’t use it often, sticking with my thumb button. $180 TYD SOLD PF...
  5. Hoot

    Need new elk bags...

    I had Ovis sacks, and a bear got to them... I know they’re all knock-offs of TAG bags, and I have a set of BOMB bags, but I’ve seen viam and grakksaw and a couple other interesting ones. these will be for bone-in elk quarters, and I like the hi-vis reflective attributes that some bags have...
  6. Hoot

    WTS Iron will D6 HITs

    I have (6) 100gr and (4) 75gr that I used for testing... make me an offer....
  7. Hoot

    Watch forums via keywords?

    Is there a way to watch for new threads, classifieds for example, but filter only on a few keyword tags, rather than get an alert for every new thread?
  8. Hoot

    WTB Looking for Kuiu Kenai zip off pants

    I am about a 35" waist so I presume either a L or XL, whatcha got?
  9. Hoot

    WTB Kifaru megatarp w/annex

    Let me know what you have
  10. Hoot

    WTS Iron Will Components

    I have 6 impact collars, size E, and 6 100 grain deep six HIT insters. One insert has been hot melted into a shaft and taken out. One collar was used on that shaft to test with. $50 TYD
  11. Hoot

    New string/cables - prime centergy

    I don’t get my free set until next year, and I’m afraid I need a new set this year, I bet I have 3000+ shots on mine. What do you guys recommend?
  12. Hoot

    WTS Iron will S125

    I have 3, 2 new in box, 1 shot into foam and a rabbit, still in great condition. $85 TYD, lower 48. +PayPal fees...
  13. Hoot

    WTS Kifaru medium oval stove, New never burned

    Make me an offer, I’m not sure I’ll ever use it... Deal pending...
  14. Hoot

    WTS Hoyt Carbon Element G3

    RH, 60-70#, #3 cam, 29” mods installed and I have 28” mods. Max-1 camo. TT smackdown pro rest, MBG ascent single pin sight, bee stinger hunter stab, tight spot 5 arrow quiver. Bare bow $500 Package $800 Plus shipping OBO Can text/email pictures
  15. Hoot

    Gear Room Clean Out

    After having gear spread out between a storage unit and families houses while my wife and I were building our house, and constantly buying stuff I was "missing" I have a gear room and have begun consolidating and figuring out what I can sell... I can E-mail or Text pictures to anyone that wants...
  16. Hoot

    Arrows For Sale

    I have 12 Easton Axis 5mm Match Grade 260 cut 28”, 50gr brass insert 5 are fletched with (4) AAE PM-23 vanes left offset, flo green. 7 are bare and never shot. I have 15 Easton FMJ 5mm Match Grade 300 cut 28”, 75gr brass insert 9 are fletched with (4) AAE PM-23 vanes a mix of left...
  17. Hoot

    FS: Vortex Gen 1 (Green and Gray) Razor HD spotters

    FS: Vortex Gen 1 (Green and Gray) Razor HD 20-60x85mm Angled I have one spotter for sale, price is TYD lower 48 only, pay pal gift or you cover the 3%: 20-60X85 angled spotter, Razor HD, new in box. 1000 TYD FIRM I can send pics via text or email. Not looking to trade at this time, just...
  18. Hoot

    Items FS: Kifaru, Vortex, Badlands

    All items are TYD lower 48 only, Ill add shipping to anywhere else. Paypal friends and family or +4% fees. I'll text or email pictures where needed, just let me know... Kifaru E&E, Highlander, upgraded padded shoulder straps. This is new and never used. $150... Kifaru TI Oval Stove Medium...
  19. Hoot

    FS: Kifaru Duplex Frame (2yr old version) CB

    Two year old frame, barely used and in perfect condition (like my bikini better). Normal Back, 26" composite stays, 34" waist, coyote brown. Im not sure what the value is so please let me know if I am way off base, lets try $225 OBO TYD Lower 48. Can email/text pictures if needed...
  20. Hoot

    Vortex razor hd 10x42's: which tripod adapter?

    What do you use?