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    Colorado A and B tag question

    A good reason to check the 2nd draw box, draw your first choice, have the opportunity to draw the B tag in the leftover draw.
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    USGI...for the money what's better?

    Wiggy’s are very heavy and don’t compress
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    Is 24hrcampfire down?

    A place in the internet where you don’t have to have any manners and conspiracy theories are elevated to fact.
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    280-300” Bulls

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    Where to buy land out west

    My take is you buy land and a cabin for enjoyment not hunting. The reason is you won’t be able to buy enough land to own a hunting property. Things are different in the west. I’m not saying owning property is a bad thing but you won’t be putting in food plots to have great hunting on your 30...
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    Adventure and relaxation. . . I need vacation ideas!

    Fiji is a great place to visit and they are open. It would be quite a bit cheaper than Hawaii and also much different. The islands of Beqa (pronounced Benga) and Taveuni would be my choices especially if you dive. The minus is it’s a 13 hour flight from California. They speak English and are...
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    SO Eolus or Silex?

    The vestibules or doors are cut higher on the Eolus, you can‘t pitch them closer to the ground .
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    SO Eolus or Silex?

    I have the Eolus and like it. If I were to do it over I would buy the Silex because it can be pitched tighter to the ground which could be better in windier situations And it could be a hot tent. Just my opinion.
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    E-Bike vs UTV to hunt multiple states for retirement?

    If you Father doesn’t already have good mtn biking skills he may want to rethink an eBike, they are only easier to pedal.
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    Ranching for Wildlife Elk Tag 2021

    I hadn’t payed much attention to how many points it took to draw 1st rifle in 61 since I drew my tag there. Go for that. I sure wouldn’t go for RFW. many of us will contribute info for your Wife to have a successful elk hunt in 61 including me.
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    Ranching for Wildlife Elk Tag 2021

    I’d try unit 61 2nd or 3rd season instead of any of the RFW’s.
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    Buying Western Mountaineering TerraLite

    Seek Outside are also dealers for Western Mountaineering.
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    Ranching for Wildlife Elk Tag 2021

    I assume you are looking for a rifle hunt?
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    Expensive Packs

    It depends...if you use your pack one or twice a year or if you use it year round many days.
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    Buying Western Mountaineering TerraLite

    I got mine from Hermits Hut. I’d go there again.
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    Summer Vacation - Salt Lake City??

    Utah is cool, SLC is not worthy of a vacation at any time of year.
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    Closest pants to KUIU Attack Pants

    What makes the Attack pant great are the thigh zips. I have some Prana zuins which I like and the Wrangler stretch pant that I work in but the attack are my go to outdoors pants.
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    CO Unit 54 Kid Friendly Summer Camping

    Head up Soap Creek and go check out The Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP for an afternoon.
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    Bivy Tarp set up DST, Silex or Eolus?

    I have no nest or insert for my Eolus, just the tent, it’s shape doesn’t lend itself towards use as a tarp.
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    Bivy Tarp set up DST, Silex or Eolus?

    Once you learn how to do it it’s fast. I don’t quite see how you would use it as a tarp though, wrong shape.