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    .35 Whelan

    I recently sold my .30-06 and kept my .270 Winchester. Instead of getting another .30-06 would it be a good idea to skip the .30-06and get a .35 Whelan? I sold the 30-06 because I really didn't like the rifle, it wasn't the caliber.
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    Lanyard Ring For Revolver

    Has anyone here ever attached a lanyard ring and a lanyard to their revolver? I am considering putting one on my Super Blackhawk for more security against dropping while in less than ideal conditions, like rough country or around water. Your thoughts are welcome.
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    Browning A-Bolt and X-Bolt

    What is the difference between the A-Bolt and the X-Bolt?
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    Ammo storage

    Factory ammo come in boxes with the tip of the bullet down, is that the best way to store it? Or should it be turned so the nose/bullet tip is up to avoid damage which could in theory cause accuracy issues?
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    For You Handgun Guys

    If you were to build a custom handgun, single action or double action and money was not an obstacle what would you build? This can be for hunting, personal defense or target shooting. Me, I think I would have built a .454 Casull using either a Ruger Redhawk (4"), or a Super Blackhawk (4 5/8")...
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    Model 29 for a Ruger Redhawk???

    I have a 4" Model 29-3, very nice gun. Considering trading for a new 4" Redhawk. The Redhawk would be my fishing in bear country, hiking/camping gun. I like the Redhawk because heavy loads can be run through it, it is stainless steel and well, Ruger just builds a good gun. I already have a Super...
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    Any dedicated handgun hunters here?

    I haven't completely abandoned the rifle quite yet, but for most of my hunting I pick up one of my handguns. I have several calibers but I figure one of my .44 magnums will get it done. If I am in doubt I have a .454 Casull I can use instead. Any dedicated handgun hunters here?
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    I recently sold my .30-06

    mostly because I just didn't like the rifle. So now I am down to 2 rifles, a .270 and a .45-70 Between those two do you think I have the bases covered for lower 48 hunting? I am in no rush to get another .30-06, not just now anyway. If I were I may just skip over the .30-06 and go to 7MM or...
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    Walmart Rifles

    I have never bought a rifle at Walmart, but have heard that the manufacturers build a "cheaper" gun expressly for Walmart, so they can sell at the prices they do. I have always bought my rifles from a gun shop, never a big box store. Any truth to the Walmart guns??
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    Camping, hiking, back country set up

    I've assembled what I think may be the perfect camping, hiking and back country setup. 6" L-frame in a Guide's Choice chest holster. 6" may be a bit long but it maximizes the potential of the .357 from a revolver. With the proper load it should handle anything I may encounter, guys with bad...
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    Colorado Handgun

    I figure there has to be someone on here from Colorado. Is a 6" .357 magnum revolver legal for black bear and mule deer hunting?
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    Hard cast, JSP or JHP??

    Considering using a 6" S&W L-Frame .357 for deer this season. Deer are thin skinned to begin with, what bullet would be better, hard cast, JHP or JSP.. Hard cast would most likely be a through and through with very little internal damage, same for JSP with maybe a little internal damage and the...
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    Grizzly Bear

    Is there a state in the lower 48 where grizzly bear hunting is legal, or are they still protected?
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    .357 for Mountain Lion

    Which bullet would be best for mountain lion defense out of a 6" .357? 158 gr, hollow point or a 180 gr hard cast?
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    Blue Loc-Tite

    I want o secure the grip frame and ejector rod housing screws on my Super Blackhawk, will blue Loc-Tite do it? Will the screws be removable later by using a screwdriver?
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    Backup Handgun

    A lot of guys carry a backup handgun, especially hunting, or traveling in bear country. If you carry a backup handgun what do you tend to carry? What gun, what caliber and how do you carry it? I opt for a .44 magnum or a .454 Casull, both carried in a chest holster.
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    Another question for you .45-70 guys

    Mine is a Marlin 1895, it has a front sight hood. Did you guys take yours off, or leave it on? I think it looks better when it is on but I know it can get clogged with things, making it completely worthless, unless your gun is scoped. What did you do with yours??
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    Maybe I don't need another

    Just sold my .30-06, kept the .270 and also have a .45-70. Been considering adding another .30-06 at some point, but after some reading and research I'm not sure I really "need" one. My research has led me to thinking the .270 will handle anything I will hunt in the lower 48, and if it won't...
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    Stock Preference??

    While I certainly enjoy the look and feel of a high quality wood stock I am slowly switching over to composite stocks. While they may not be as good looking or traditional, I feel they are more durable and I am less apt to cry should it get scratched up. What is your preference??
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    With the growing popularity of

    handgun hunting how about a dedicated handgun forum on here?