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  1. Gapmaster

    BS violation today

    Lengthy I know...So I took my son on his first turkey hunt this morning. Arkansas youth weekend. Went to a lease that I’m a member of. We walked down an old road that I’ve used for locating birds my entire life. Someone had a deer stand and a corn feeder still up from deer seasons. We walked...
  2. Gapmaster

    What comfort/non essential items do you pack?

    What items will you carry for strictly comfort on a backpack hunt? I carry a Zseat, an extra air pillow and my beard comb. Sometimes the little things seem huge after a week or so in the bush. side note: did meet a guy 7 miles in last year with a 30 pack of beer... that’s dedication. I’m a pint...
  3. Gapmaster

    OnX Elite 40% off

    OnX Elite 40% off at Camofire right now
  4. Gapmaster

    Is 4.5 pounds for total system good?

    I’ve got my sleep system down to 4lb 5oz. I feel this is as far as I care to go as far as light weight is concerned. LeConte 20 Quilt:21.5oz Tarptent Moment: 34.3oz Thermarest NeoXlite: 14oz I’m happy with this setup for September elk. It’s been comfortable and warm, but fairly basic. Anyone...
  5. Gapmaster

    Why so many Kifaru packs for sale??

    Someone help me understand...Why do I see so many Kifaru packs for sale in the classifieds?? I don’t currently own a Kifaru, all though I have been contemplating buying one. Is it because there are so many out there or are there other reasons? I just don’t see near as many Exo, Kuiu, or the...
  6. Gapmaster

    Elk game bags on sale

    Anybody still looking for some bags... Camofire has several different bags on sale today. Black Ovis 40%off.
  7. Gapmaster

    Time has stopped!

    Is it just me or has time been just creeping for the past month? Now I’m 30 days out and can’t sleep at night. You’d think after all the hunts and all the years I’d be calm and collected. But I feel like I’m headed for my first elk hunt all over again. I’m ready for the high country again, it’s...
  8. Gapmaster

    Hammock vs tent

    Quick question for you guys. I’ve always been a solo tent guy, and have an excellent setup that’s lightweight. But I purchased a couple hammocks a year or so ago and we use them on overnight kayak trips during the spring and summer. I’ve got the tarp, net and everything. How hard would it be to...
  9. Gapmaster

    Sold Badlands 2200 Realtree $125

    Have too many packs. This pack has been used, but still in great shape. Packed several loads of meat. Has only one tiny burn spot, that causes no issues.(see photos)
  10. Gapmaster

    Exo Hip belt

    Can anyone give me the measurements on the K3 belt? Specifically the thickness and height? I’m looking at possibilities of Frankensteining my Eberlestock Mainframe. I want to put the K3 belt on it. I think it will fit, but dont wanna drop $50 on an idea and then it be a bust. So I would need...
  11. Gapmaster

    Elk populations by unit

    I might be dumb or something but I’m having a hard time finding elk populations in Colorado. I know it’s not narrowed down by unit, I’m just looking for regional information really. Or even better, the specific herd information. I’m sure it’s out there just haven’t searched the right place...
  12. Gapmaster

    Crispi Wyoming

    Purchased a pair of these a few months back, I'm starting to get my legs ready for a Sept hunt and I've been wearing these boots hiking every chance I get. The last few trips I started getting a hot spot on the back of my left heel after about 4 miles. I've got a set of insoles coming to replace...
  13. Gapmaster

    Google Earth overlays

    So I'm looking at hunting a new area and have narrowed it down to two units. I have plenty of experience and I'm not asking for "hunting" tips. One unit, I've hunted near and spent some time camping/hiking so I know what to expect as far as terrain ect. The other, I've only driven through and...
  14. Gapmaster


    Any one have any info on the crowds in and around the Coal Creek Road 709 access areas? I see some older comments from several years ago about it being super crowded. Time frame I'm interested in would be first two full weeks of Sept. I get that it'll have the usual horse trailers, etc.... I...
  15. Gapmaster

    WTB Tarptent Notch

    Looking to buy a Tarptent Notch.
  16. Gapmaster

    Kenetrek Hardscrabble thoughts..

    Looking at getting some new boots for elk season. I’ve always worn Irishsetter but looking for more support with heavier packs. Was thinking of trying the Hardscrabble. Any thoughts???
  17. Gapmaster

    Tarptent Notch

    I’m new to the group, so maybe I’ve missed it, but anybody have any feedback on the “Notch” from Tarptent?? I’m looking to drop some weight on my current system. Open to suggestions on other similar designs, staying sub 2 pounds. Thanks
  18. Gapmaster

    New member

    Hello all, I’m an Experienced bow hunter, been surfing forums for years, finally decided to join one. Looking forward to the interaction!!