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    Western wyoming winter range

    I was wondering how the deer are doing in western wyoming(G and H) and south east Idaho? Has there been much winter kill or a lack of snow? I might could draw G and Idaho OTC is always a possibility. Thanks, Gabe P.S.For those of you wondering western Colorado from Rangely to Grand Junction to...
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    W A hydrate and recover?

    How many of you use hydrate and recover on backpack hunts or while working out?do you notice a diiference, do you recover faster and feel stronger?I will use it if it makes a difference while in the wilderness. I love to backpack hunt and am always looking for an edge. I have also thought of...
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    Life span of gore tex

    I was wondering how long gore tex rain gear is good for?i have a set that's around seven years old and was wondering how long until I must buy more. It's still in good shape and was waterproof last fall. Thanks Gabe
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    My buddy drew G17

    My buddy drew G17 the second hunt we are both excited.He has guided 1 or 2 years for sheep and goats I haven't had much first hand experience with goats.We are going to do at least 2 scouting trips and hunt it hard.We are both in our late 20's and in good shape and have good backpacking gear.My...