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  1. Huntnnw

    No permits required to film in national parks judge rules

    What does this mean for national forest, public and blm now? Hoping this is a stepping stone getting rid of the ridiculous permits to film hunts.
  2. Huntnnw

    Idaho bull

    Wife and myself headed to Idaho last Thursday to hunt elk in a spot we found last year. Scouted this summer and found it to be a better spot than we thought. Leaving Thursday in 80 deg weather and hiking into our spike camp with our goats on Friday in t shirts . Hiking in we saw no sign of Elk...
  3. Huntnnw

    Some bulls I filmed

    Wife and I went out bear hunting and I took a walk from our vantage to glass around the corner and spotted 6 bulls feeding across a canyon. I had these bulls on cam about a month prior. After watching them feed for abit we walked back to our vantage. About 30-40 min later I hear a branch bust...