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  1. belly-deep

    Opinions - Sitka vs Kuiu

    I'd pick the Jetstream over the Guide jacket, but I'd take the Guide pants over the Timberlines. For cold weather, that is.
  2. belly-deep

    First lite vs Sitka gear

    I found First Lite merino to be the most comfortable, but not very durable. I haven't tried the Sitka merino. After studying up on it, I decided to get away from 100% merino and go with merino/nylon blends. This was before the Aerowool stuff came out from FL, so I had no choice but Kuiu. The...
  3. belly-deep

    2019 Sitka? Anyone have the inside scoop?

    I used an Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody with that stuff in it this fall. I really like the insulation.
  4. belly-deep

    Cold weather pants

    Kuiu Guides are the closest I’ve worn to what you’re looking for.
  5. belly-deep

    Kuiu Offerings

    Yes. That kind of stuff doesn’t happen overnight.
  6. belly-deep

    Cabela's latest microtex

    Long live the microtex!!! I’ve got a couple pairs of pants. As others have said, great stuff, but the newer versions have lost me.
  7. belly-deep

    Sitka 6200 MH vs EXO

    LOL. Everybody buy the Sitka 6200. Is that safe to post?
  8. belly-deep

    Weatherby Mark V builds

    Not saying you can't build a good rifle off a Mark V action, but how many competitive shooters do you see using them? How many custom gun builders? There's a reason the 700 and 70 are used in so many custom guns. If you end up going the Mark V route, remember that resale value will probably...
  9. belly-deep

    WTF??????? Does ANYONE make a mattress that doesn't deflate after a day????

    I’ve had pads from Thermarest, Klymit and REI stay inflated in my basement for months.
  10. belly-deep

    another tikka sl vs kimber question

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot of experience with them?
  11. belly-deep

    Cold, Wind, Snow and Wet: Softshell Conditions

    My buddy has a Catalyst. Less wind proof than the Guide. I’d rank it near the Chinook, which for my uses, means it’s pretty darn useless.
  12. belly-deep

    another tikka sl vs kimber question

    I've had great luck with Kimbers.
  13. belly-deep

    243 for antelope

    This thread is a little old, but a .243 is great antelope medicine. The 95 grain NBT is a good bullet in it, too. I don't see any reason to shoot the Accubond for better penetration. The 95 BT is actually a pretty tough bullet. I shot my antelope with one this fall.
  14. belly-deep

    Beginner Long Range Scope

    SWFA 6x or 10x
  15. belly-deep

    Kuiu Offerings

    I don't think the Peloton stuff is going away completely. I think they are replacing the 130 with the 97. But I bet the 200 stays, along with the 240.
  16. belly-deep

    New Mystery Ranch Packs?

    The waist belt on the current Pintlers, Metcalfs, etc have an adjustment where the strap connects into the waistbelt (near the back) in addition to the redirect feature. I think you are supposed to set the belt "roughly" with the back adjustment and then use the redirect when you actually put...
  17. belly-deep

    New Mystery Ranch Packs?

    But the new ones appear to be using a different buckle? I guess someone will have to buy one in the name of science and find out.
  18. belly-deep

    Chili Recipes

    I've had a hard time finding a really great chili recipe. There's lots out there, and everyone says theirs is the best, but I find most to be average. I'll give some of these a try though. I'm not giving up on my search for the ultimate chili recipe.
  19. belly-deep

    New Mystery Ranch Packs?

    Yeah, as far as bag designs go, these don't get me excited.