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    Stone Glacier

    Where are their clothes made ? In the USA ?
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    Carbon arrows

    I have a 62" Stalker coyote,55#@29". I've been shooting for shafts with 125 grain heads. I'd like to come up with a carbon shaft combo.that shoots similarly.Id like some input on where to start in my search with regards to brand ,spine weight etc.Thanks Tim
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    First Lite puffy pants

    Looking for opinions on First Lite Uncompahgre pants Thanks Tim
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    Zeiss conquest 8 X 42

    Anyone using these? I'm looking at a pair but have no experience with the model Thanks
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    WTS Kifaru 6 man tipi

    Brown 6 man tipi.Includes liner and mosquito net. One repair down near a stake loop professsionaly done by Rainy pass in Seattle And a a few misc.sparp holes( covered with silicone) Good condition Item is sold please delete $700.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48
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    WTS S.O. Silvertip

    For sale green Silvertip with stove Jack , aluminum pole and pole hitch (to lash two tracking poles together) Seam sealed and in excellent condition $300.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 I can text or email pictures upon request Thanks Tim
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    Nemo Forte 20 deg.bag

    I'm considering picking up one of these.bags.I have no experience with the brand.Do they make a quality product? I m looking for a early archery synthetic bag No interest in quilts.or tight bags with half zipper s
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    209 capper/decapper

    What works best for an inline? Specifically a Knight ultralight set up for a bare primer. That red plastic three sided one on Knights website does not give me confidence
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    Montana elk decoy

    There are two at the local sportsman warehouse.I think one is a cows rear end and the other one is similar.They are listed at 33 oz. With poles.Anyone ever weigh them minus the poles? How much # do you reduce?
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    kydex sheath

    I'm looking for someone that can make a kydex knife sheath for me.Let me know if you know of anyone Tim
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    What is the consensus? Are they worth the $,do they fit true to size? I missed the window last year and they are available for pre order now so I m trying to decide if I should get one Tim
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    Garmin Inreach

    I am almost ready to buy one than I heard a couple of times that they are about to introduce a new improved model.Does anyone have inside info. on this?$450.00 is a lot of $$ I don't want something that's obsolete right away Tim
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    Pack Rafts in the lower 48

    I'd like to hear from folks that have used pack rafts hunting the lower 48. Right now I'm looking at either the P R 49 or Alpaca Mule most likely to hunt Wa. ,Or. Id. or possibly Mt.
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    Pack Rafts

    Anyone using these to hunt in the lower 48? I hear a lot about Alaska but I doubt I will ever make it there . I'm looking at the P R 49 from Pristine Ventures and the Alpaca Mule. I'd be looking at hunting Wa.Or. Id. and maybe Mt.
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    Anyone on this site packing with them? Seems like they have allot going for them.
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    Fleece pack cover

    Does anyone make a light fleece or wool pack cover.Maybe a setup similar to a pack rain cover.To keep the pack quiet in brush
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    Trees stands

    How many guys hunt elk from a tree stand and what is your tree stand of choice? I fooled with climbing stands years ago and they seemed like loud ,clunky ,finger cleaving machines! Hopefully they have improved. Thanks Tim
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    Spotting scope covers

    I just inherited an old Kowa spotting scope.I'd like to have a cover for it to keep it from getting banged up in the field. Anyone know of a source to either get one custom made or for the materials to make one myself? I guess I could look for an old wetsuit and some velcro Tim
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    Has anybody tried this CUSTOM HUNTING BOOT ORTHOTICS from kenetrek ?
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    Backcountry Navigator

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here go'es. I just got a Droid Turbo (smart phone )and I'm looking into options to use it for navigation.I remember allot of talk a couple of years ago about an app called "Back country navigator" Is that still a good way to go or are...