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  1. .204smokechaser

    $350K to Buy Land- Where?

    If you have 350k cash, might be able to get a 100 acre clear cut with regen on it in North Idaho, but more than likely that's a thing of the past with the folks flocking in from California.
  2. .204smokechaser

    Long shot/Odd ball tags

    Seems like I can never draw a deer, elk, or antelope tag in Idaho. I imagine the moose odds will plummet in the near future with everyone moving to Idaho.
  3. .204smokechaser

    Long shot/Odd ball tags

    6 points? I know someone that has 11 points and didn't draw!
  4. .204smokechaser

    Why you dont hunt with some people anymore

    I only have 2 occasions of being done hunting with people. 1: archery hunter talking a big game and flinging arrows at all sorts of animals and not tracking down to see if he hit them or not. He hit a calf elk (legal animal) and denied hitting the calf even when I pointed to the blood. 2...
  5. .204smokechaser

    which chainsaw?

    My dad was faller for 37 years and taught me a lot about saws and I use saws all the time in my line of work. Most saws will run well if you give them the maintenance they need. There are some models that stihl has produced that are crap. Research is needed on the buyers part. I like the stihl...
  6. .204smokechaser

    Cell phone search

    If the town in small, call the post office to ask for his address and send him a letter.
  7. .204smokechaser

    Time for a member re-introduction! Where are you from+a fun fact about yourself.

    Apparently it wasn't or I wouldn't of been offered a job there. 🤣 Don't worry I ain't a Democrat and won't inflate housing prices as I don't have a lot of money. Just a guy out hopping from forest to forest every few years, but I am not moving further west than Idaho from now on.
  8. .204smokechaser


    Been able to pick up .243 about every two weeks at the Bi Marts I frequent in Washington and Oregon. Haven't found anything at any Walmart I've been too including shotgun ammo, but know of people finding the mother loads.
  9. .204smokechaser

    Time for a member re-introduction! Where are you from+a fun fact about yourself.

    Originally from Naches, Wa. Have lived in WA, 1L Idaho and Grant County, OR. About to move back to 7C, Idaho and stay in Idaho for a while. FUN FACT: had a mule deer doe come out of nowhere and kick my tool out of my hands while sitting down taking a break on the fire line on the Columbia River...
  10. .204smokechaser

    Keeping it simple

    For front country hunts, if it doesn't fit in my timber cruising vest, it isn't being taken with hunting. I do stash a pack frame though. I also carry a bino harness though but rangefinder has it's own place on the vest. Bird hunting same thing, all I need fits in a vest. Don't need no back...
  11. .204smokechaser

    Idaho Spring Bear 2021

    You won't get far into unit 10 in middle April. Forest Service usually plows Beaver Creek (247 road) down to Canyon W.C. and on to Kelly W.C. early April starting from wherever PotlatchDeltic is plowing to for winter logging out of Headquarters, Still 10+ feet of snow in the high country of 10...
  12. .204smokechaser

    How was your 2020 hunt? Location not needed. More/less deer, more/less people.

    Less people (saw none minus the snow plow) and the same amount of deer. Parked at gate, and walked 1.5 miles until I saw a buck that met 2020 criteria. Hunted 2 hours in 2020.
  13. .204smokechaser

    New guy from Washington

    Welcome to RokSlide from a former Naches resident!
  14. .204smokechaser

    Eastern Oregon OTC DIY Archery Elk Hunt

    I wasn't out there the last week in September due to being away from the Guard Station, but I heard very minimal bugling August through mid October. All the bugling I heard was mostly in the evening at sunset or before sunrise in the morning. Saw quite a few bulls chasing cows though when I rode...
  15. .204smokechaser

    PSA - Alone guy

    Anybody have any screenshots of that train wreck for those of us who missed that thread on here? I thought this was fitting to bring back now as it was entertaining to read.
  16. .204smokechaser

    2021 Fitness Goals Thread

    Well I did pretty good for January. I missed one strengthening workout day. January miles not including hikes: Cardio: 89 miles Mtn Biking: 56 miles Those are rookie numbers so I'll bump those up this month.
  17. .204smokechaser

    Longest you’ve waited to get a job offer?

    Did you call and find out if the vacancies were filled? If you wanted the job you should have been more communicative during the hiring process Longest it's taken for me is 5 months with a federal government job. Latest round, applied for jobs in late October and just accepted my official job...
  18. .204smokechaser

    Fly fishing rod holder for backcountry hunting

    Agree with this post. I've ditched all of my fly rods on any back packing trips unless I'm fishing big back country rivers. It's hard to beat a tenkara for the weight and how compact it gets.
  19. .204smokechaser

    Get Ready for Biden's onslaught

    Get ready for dirtier federal lands. Won't make sense for anyone to work federal seasonal recreation jobs now if they don't see a in GS raise by the summer.
  20. .204smokechaser

    Get Ready for Biden's onslaught

    From banning wolves to ending baiting of bears on federal lands to ending trapping. I think there will be states that will file lawsuits such as Idaho. Banning baiting and wolf hunting would be devastating for the economy in small towns. I guess democrats don't care about small business anyhow.