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  1. Cindy Wamsley

    Will a 3 point always be a 3 point?

    We manage a hunting area with some big 3 point bucks. Some of the hunters who hunt this area feel like we need to be harvesting these 3 points as they will never be anything bigger than a 3 point. What's your take?
  2. Cindy Wamsley

    Early Morning Buck

    Here's some video of a good buck that we saw while elk hunting. Hope to see him again during the rifle season.
  3. Cindy Wamsley

    Elk hitting the dirt with Cindy Wamsley!

    The reason I'm not chasin' bucks is because I'm chasing' bulls. Got one today for my sister in law. It was so fun having the whole family along. THAT's what it's about. Congrats Ruby! Thanks for letting us be there.
  4. Cindy Wamsley

    Geigerrig Water System

    I posted over in the ladies forum but thought I'd post this here too. I just purchased the 3L Geigerrig engine with a filter. So far I love it. Anybody else have this system or any comments?