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    Gun safe??

    Getting around to getting a bigger safe and am not into huge, heavy, expensive safes with long fire ratings. I worked at a place that sold tons of brownings and treadlocks and I’ve had their training over and over back in the day and want a good secure safe but the fire stuff matters little to...
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    Wyoming NR youth ?

    I’m very familiar with the WY draw structure but one thing I can’t find is if a NR youth applies in the draw where does their app go? The price is $275 for the elk/fishing but I don’t see an option to be in the special. If you put a NR youth in do they only have the option go in the regular...
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    Idaho unit 30-1

    Anyone hunted it for PH? Buddy drew and we will be hunting it for 3 days on opener. Wondering about heard numbers, distribution in the unit, and if they gravitate toward private. I have quite a few places picked out to check, and the harvest stats look like getting a buck won't be a problem...
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    Idaho moose tag drawn!

    Not for me, a 3rd year ID resident, but my best friend from MN who I had put in for the same unit as me drew!! Best part is, draw came out today and it's his birthday. Can you believe that?! The NR drew. We put in for the short season in unit 7. Now to scout and prep.
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    Boat based Kodiak hunt?

    Our group is booked to do a boat based Kodiak hunt in 2021 for the second week of October. Two of the six have hunted Kodiak and one boat based with the same outfit. We chose dates to maximize daylight, ensure duck season is open, and to minimize conflicts with other hunts so those aren’t...
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    WTS Kuiu 1800 ultra bag only

    Kuiu 1800 ultra bag only in verde 2.0, bought in 2019 so it has the new attachment system, not the old ladder locks. Got it for my son but he was ready for a bigger bag real quick. Used on one hunt, and shows no signs of wear or soiling. Never had any game/hide in it. Have the two...
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    Sold Leupold VX-3 4.5-14x40 B&C

    I acquired this scope on a used rifle I bought a couple years ago. It was reported to have been bought at the same time as that rifle, sighted in and used on one hunt. When I got it I put it on a sako 25-06 in opticlocks, sighted it in and took it on one hunt. That rifle is now getting used...
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    WTS Vortex Razor HD LH 3-15x42 package

    Selling a Vortex Razor HD LH 3-15x42 with G4 BDC MOA reticle. Was purchased new last year mounted on a rifle, and probably has seen 60 rounds and probably less than 10 days in the field. One small 1mm scratch/ding on the eye bell, and pinpoint spot on the parallax knob which I tried to get in...
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    Marsupial and Springfield 10mm?

    I’ve been planning on going to a marsupial bino harness with the razco holster with a Glock 20 10mm. Now I’m wanting to go with the Springfield XD in 10mm. Anyone know if that pistol will take the same holster as the XD 45, or if it is an option marsupial just hasn’t listed yet? I’ll probably...
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    WTB youth left hand rifle

    It’s a long shot but I am looking for a youth stocked LH rifle in any of a number of calibers. Preferably 260 rem, 7-08, 308 or even a wsm caliber. Will consider others as well. LOP of no less than 12” preferred. Figured maybe someone has a lefty kid that grew out of stuff. Feel free to...
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    FNG from SE Minnesota

    New to posting on Rokslide, have lurked off an on for a couple years. Made my first trip out west to SE MT for deer last year with a buddy. We hunted BLM/state and some BMAs. We both tagged mature but not impressive scoring bucks. One muley and one WT. We got our feet wet on packing up an...