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  1. wk93

    How do you do it?

    How do you guys have the ambition to constantly stay on top of working out on a regular basis? I have the most difficult time doing that as I just tend to slack off.
  2. wk93

    What camera is everyone using?

    I figured this would be the right area for this question so here it goes. I'm in the market to purchase a camera for my outdoor activities and stuff and I really don't know what is a good camera for what I want. I'm willing to spend around 300 or so. I'm curious to what people are using and what...
  3. wk93

    Scope Ideas

    Alright. So I picked up a new 25.06 and need some suggestions on a scope. I have been considering Vortex because I have some of their products already and love them (and yes I would most likely order from Paul). I have Leupolds, Nikon's, and Vortex so I'm open to options. I want to spend around...
  4. wk93

    Savage B. Mag

    Just curious who plans on potentionally buy this rifle when it comes out this spring? It's that new 17 WSM (Wichchester Super Magnum). They are a pretty cool looking rimfire. Just curious on what others think about them.
  5. wk93

    Favorite round to shoot

    What is everyone's favorite round to shoot? Mine is my 22 mag because its cheap and just plain fun to plink around with.
  6. wk93

    Vortex DiamondBack binos

    Are these good for being cheaper? I need to order a new pair of binos ASAP and need to know if it would be worth it? I don't have a whole bunch of money right now considering I am a college student. What does everyone think?
  7. wk93

    257 Weatherby Magnum

    Who has used one of these? I'm considering on buying one real soon. The only thing that is really holding me back at the moment is the cost of ammo for it? What did you like/dislike? Or would you rather have a different round. I just might make it my new deer rifle and maybe Antelope if I get...
  8. wk93

    17 Hornet

    Has anybody used one of these? I like them and really think they are a neat round, but nobody sells them around here yet. I think it would be a really fun bench rifle.
  9. wk93


    Has anybody seen these barrel systems in person or know anybody that has used one? They seem really neat and the company makes promises on how accurate and consistant your rifle will become. The things I have read/seen have shown they actually work. I myself wouldn't mind getting one installed...
  10. wk93

    Hunting Boots

    What's a great hunting boot that is comfortable and durable, but doesn't empty my wallet considering I'm only 19. I'm looking to get a new pair. What has eveyone else liked/used?
  11. wk93

    Glass bedding

    So I brought in my Remington 700 to get glass bedded from a professional gunsmith. He was saying that it isn't needed but I figured I might as well because it doesnt cost much... Do you guys think its a waste of money or is it actually worth getting this done?
  12. wk93


    What do you guys think are the best bullets? I think I'm going to start shooting the Hornady 180 grain superformance SST. What has been the most consistant and accurate for you guys? And I shoot a .300 win. mag.
  13. wk93

    Marlin X7

    I'm thinking about getting one of these in .270 win or .308 for a brush gun because of the fact they are so cheap. Everything I have read about them has been good.... What do you guys think of them?
  14. wk93


    Anybody uses the Vortex scopes? Considering the Viper HS. They seem really nice for the money. Also the Binoculars seem pretty nice as well. Any use with them?
  15. wk93

    Boyds stocks

    Does anybody have one or used one? Considering getting one on my Remmy 700 BDL. in 300 win. mag. Probably salt and pepper color laminate with the thumbhole.
  16. wk93


    Anybody know anything about Eberlestock hunting backpacks and how good they are?
  17. wk93


    My dad and I are planning on doing a high mountain buck hunt, but aren't totally sure what to expect. It'll be my first high mountain hunt. Any tips? And yes, I have and hunt Blacktails quite often.
  18. wk93


    Okay guys. I have been looking for a light weight rifle for high country hunts. I was going to get a Tikka t3 lite in .338 but my gunsmith told me Tikka isn't making the .338 for U.S. markets right now. So my gunsmith is trying to talk me into CZ rifles, but I'm not sure. I wanted synthetic so...
  19. wk93


    What do you guys think of the Leupold VX 3l CDS system? Has anyone used it or owned it?
  20. wk93

    7mm vs 300

    many people tend to shoot the 7mm's but a lot of people also shoot the 300's like myself because of how hard hitting they are. What do you guys prefer and why?