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  1. 2rocky

    Should I trade a .40 for a 9mm?

    My girlfriend has a.40 cal Glock 27 gen 3 that she doesn't enjoy shooting. But she wants a personal protection handgun. I think the recoil in the sub compact size is the problem. She shoots my Security six with 38's and enjoys that. With things going the way they are is it crazy to try to...
  2. 2rocky

    Stalking shoes/booties

    Looking for the answer to my tender feet and stalking Mule deer. I'd like to find a pair of packable booties to slip on for the last 50-100 yards of stalking through desert rimrock. Wool Socks gather too many foxtails, burrs and grass seeds. UA and the Muley freak stalking shoes are both...
  3. 2rocky

    Do you have binos for your non hunting spouse?

    I know a lot of use make scouting trips a family vacation. Does your non hunting spouse or S/O get in on glassing? Did you get them their own pair of binoculars? If so how good did you go? When I upgraded, my previous pair went to my kids. Well they are grown and out of the house. Now...
  4. 2rocky

    Your "Dream Team" posse

    If you drew the best unit in your state for Archery mule deer who would you invite to go with you to scout it and help during the hunt? Paid help (From your pocket anyway) is totally out. Gotta be volunteer.
  5. 2rocky

    Favorite batteries for electronics and headlamps

    Gonna get new batteries for my rangefinder and headlamps. Anyone have a brand that they find consistently reliable and long lived? Thoughts on Lithium batteries?
  6. 2rocky

    How do I become a better glasser?

    Drew a Late Season Deer Hunt that has lots of Burns. How do I become better at letting my eyes do the work instead of my feet? How do I pick out likely glassing spots when E-scouting? What makes you stay in a glassing spot a little longer when you aren't seeing deer? What makes you write...
  7. 2rocky

    Elk Hides Hair on

    How well have your tanned elk hides with the hair on held up over the years? I've got one from 5 years ago that needs to find a new place since it doesn't jive with the new couch. I'm reluctant to use it as a floor rug, and wall space is at a premium. Single level home so no stair...
  8. 2rocky

    Looking for a "Comeback Hunt"

    After a bit of a long absence I'm considering dropping some $ on a Whitetail Tag for a late season hunt in North Idaho. The last time I hunted there was 1996 while in college, and plenty has changed in the 21 years since I've been gone. I have fond memories of hunting rutting bucks east of...
  9. 2rocky

    Badlands 2200 as carry on

    Wondering if anyone has had an issue with a Badlands 2200 or similar sized Backpack as a carry on on an airplane. Pretty sure if I had it FULL it could be an issue...
  10. 2rocky

    Scouting trip Wake up times?

    When you do a summer scouting trip, how diligent are you about being out at first light? I'm usually more concerned with getting to know the lay of the land, and seem to still spot animals in the evening at last light. Also I'm usually trying to make the trip a vacation for someone...
  11. 2rocky

    Car camping gear when traveling by plane

    So I'm going to take a companion camping when I fly to New Mexico to scout my elk unit. I'll rent an SUV and camp at a developed campground. Curious what and how folks pack in this situation. I'm wanting to have more creature comforts than just my Backpacking Setup. I'm figuring for 2...
  12. 2rocky

    What is your Hierarchy of needs for having a good Hunt?

    Maslow's Hierarchy of needs refers to what motivates people. What would you put in your Hierarchy for a good hunt or good hunting season? MTA: I should answer my own Question: At the Base: Be in an area which feels wild. This could be 300 acres just over the hill from a road or 10 miles...
  13. 2rocky

    Would you shoot a different arrow for Bison than Elk?

    On the long shot chance that I were to draw a WY bison tag, I've often wondered about what my arrow setup would be in this case. Currently I'm shooting 29.5 inch Axis .340 spine with Blazers and a 100grain fixed blade for all my bowhunting. Curious if a 125 GR. head on a .300 spine arrow...
  14. 2rocky

    Idaho Spring Bears. Spot n' Stalk

    I'm really wanting to do a Spring Bear hunt. I like the open terrain of Units 14, 18, and 23 I've been through these units on Highway 95, as well as been to Pittsburg Landing an up the Salmon on Jetboat I see that the season opens on April 15 for all these units and goes through the end of May...
  15. 2rocky

    Are old bull Elk ALWAYS TOUGH?

    My Wife is actively rooting for me to shoot a small young bull this Fall. She said she is tired of even the Hamburger being tough... Any hints for dealing with big stinky bulls? I know I want to age at least 14 days... What else?
  16. 2rocky

    Wyoming Elk 2014

    So another Elk Season is coming up, and our Clan is preparing horses and gear for another trek into the Wyoming backcountry in search of elk. This year promises to be different though as we have relocated our base of operations a days ride from country I have had luck in the last two elk...
  17. 2rocky

    What do you patch rather than replace?

    I have a pair of Sitka pants at the Cleaners getting a butt pocket sewn back on. They are so old they are still Mountain mimicry 1.0. There are a couple of holes I had sewn up a few years ago. Can't hardly tell they are there. Yeah I know I can send 'em to Sitka, but this is quicker and...
  18. 2rocky

    Interior liner for Alaknak II

    In looking at the Kifaru tepees l noticed the liner for winter camping. The thought occured to me that an interior liner in my Alaknak, might reduce the condensation issue that I find with many synthetic tent materials. Has anyone made a liner for their wall tent? any idea what material...
  19. 2rocky

    Badlands 2200 meat packing suggestion.

    I've used my 2200 for a number of day hunt meat retrievals. It has batwings and a Load sling on the Outer(back) part of the Pack. Most new designs have this sling between the frame and pack. This last hunt I decided to put my pack contents in a stuff sack (actually a spare Meat sack). I then...
  20. 2rocky

    Nevada Antelope success

    On Tuesday, I took the kids to school and finished packing the truck, Mighty Whitey for the trip to the Black Rock. I hit the road at 10:00 am. After various stops along the way I was at my Home on the Range in an aspen patch 45 road miles out of Gerlach just an hour before dark...