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    44 rem mag load for grizzly country

    Hello, I am fortunate to be moving into grizzly country come April. North Idaho. Hopefully will get to spend about 30-40 nights in the backcountry this summer and fall. I just purchased a Smith & Wesson 629 4" for backpacking, flyfishing, etc. I lucked out and the gun came with a great...
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    Best Female Back Pack?

    Thanks for all the replies. I will pass it along to her!
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    Zamberlan 1112 Cresta Alta

    Update. Ordered this boot in directly from Zamberlan. I ordered the 1111 backpacking version. This is a sweet boot with a definite sweet spot that few boot makers are hitting. This boot is comparable to the flex of the Scheen bear tooth, but at a much lighter weight. The 3mm board is...
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    Best Female Back Pack?

    Hello, My girlfriend is wanting to buy a pack and do some adventures. Looking for recommendations on a 3-5 day pack. Ideally looking for a modular system where she can change out bag sizes to suit the trip. I don't think she needs a load shelf for meat so I am open to suggestions that do not...
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    Sold KUIU Icon Pro 2200 and Ultra suspension

    Does the suspension come with the frame? If so what size is the frame?
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    Kuiu Katana Stretch Woven Shrink Issues?

    Hello, I recently bought a size 34 in the Kutana Stretch Woven pant. I am wanting to know if any current owners noticed any appreciable shrink from the dryer. The 34 is just slightly big on me, but if it shrinks some it will be perfect, so I am just looking for any input from people who have...
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    Rifle weight for new Elk hunter

    If you own a fast seven and you are shooting nw arkansas deer then just keep that as your deer rifle. I would either use that for elk or buy a rifle with only elk hunting in mind. If you fancy a new rifle I would pass over the 30 cal and go 340 weatherby. That caliber needs weight...
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    WTS/WTT Powder & Primers

    SW Missouri near Springfield
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    WTS/WTT Powder & Primers

    Here is what I am needing. 2 pounds of either H4350 or Reloder 16. 200 Federal Match Large Rifle Primers. Nosler 30 cal 180 grain Accubonds. Speer 30 cal 180 grain BTSP Nosler 277 cal 130 grain or 140 grain Accubonds. I am willing to trade powder for powder, and primers for primers. I am...
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    30-06 150 Scirocco

    Thanks for sharing. That is some good information. Sounds like the hot core is a good performer for the money!
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    30-06 150 Scirocco

    SST's are definitely a great bullet for whitetail. Part of the reason I want to make a change to a harder bullet is because of lead contamination. The 165 BTSP is a really soft bullet, and it shed a lot of weight on the the kills that I made with it. I have some friends running the ttsx in...
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    30-06 150 Scirocco

    Hello Jim, Do you have any field results using the hot core that you would share with me? Caliber, weight, velocity, and results on game? I like the price of the Hot Core. Speer does not say it is a core bonded bullet, but I thought that I read somewhere that there is a light bonding on...
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    30-06 150 Scirocco

    Thanks for replying, and thanks to everybody else who has replied as well. Once I find some 150 grain sciroccos I will load some and update the thread. I appreciate the information on the jump data!
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    30-06 150 Scirocco

    Hello, I am thinking about loading up some 150 grain scirocco for whitetail out of a 30-06. Looking at possibly loading the 180 grain scirocco for elk. Currently shooting 165 grain Speer BTSP for whitetail. I had 3 dead deer all 1 shot kills this season with the 165 BTSP. Had a real good...