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    WTS Alamo Precision Rifles Maverick 6.5 creedmoor

    Good deal on a great rifle. APR does good wrk.
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    WTB 💥💥 WTB - Kifaru Antero 💥💥💥

    Up. Still looking. thanks!
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    WTB 💥💥 WTB - Kifaru Antero 💥💥💥

    Heck yeah. Missed that one last week, posted during supper time. 🤣
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    WTB 💥💥 WTB - Kifaru Antero 💥💥💥

    Anyone upgrading or have in stuck in the closet? Color really doesn’t matter. Looking for very good / almost new. long as it doesn’t look like you tried to whoop out a campfire with it. Thanks!
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    Sold WTB Antero

    Good luck. Hope you find one. Looking for one also...
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    New 280 AI build with Alamo Precision Rifles

    They’ve built 2 for me. A LH 6.5cm and LH. 6.5prc. Great guys to deal with. They could have easily sold me more than i needed, but actually talked me out of some things. picking up beer cans to save up for a 3rd now.
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    Aftermarket Muzzle brakes for browning hells canyon line

    Check with Macs Gun works. NoTimer brake. He turn one down to the contour of your barrel if preferred. Said he can go down to ~.750 on 5/8-24.
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    Sold Promaster carbon tripod

    Well dang. After i ordered a new one last week. 😂
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    Another Zeiss V4 inbound

    I put a 4-16x44 on my 6.5 Prc. so far so good. Great in low light.
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    Which headlamp do you recommend?

    Sams Club has a 2 pack of members mark / bushnel they sell every year. small and compact. Uses aaa batteries. Spot / flood / red. ~$15.
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    Pics of Custom Knives

    Mike Miller skinner with old micarta from a Louisiana shipyard.
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    My Bark River Knife review

    I’ve got a few. even one of the bark River fallkniven f1’s. moved away from BRK because of the price. $240 can get you into custom knife ground., sometimes for a lot less. not big on thick blades either.... Gimme hollow ground 3/32” or 1/8” and taper the tang.
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    Meat Eater

    I don’t listen to every episode of meateater, I’ll pick thru. The hog hunting guy, the dr on parasites and the one about red meat were interesting. Almost gave up on it trying to listen to one, think Ice fishing... they musta been drunk. Every time some said something they’d all holler into...
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    Help me love deer hunting again

    Classifieds for gear. last years optics and gear will be plenty good starting out.
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    Shape Charge or Stryker for saddle hunting

    It’ll be just for gear. No packing out meat. I just drag deer / pigs far enough to get to a SxS.
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    Shape Charge or Stryker for saddle hunting

    Following. Not for saddle hunting. Looking for a daypack for whitetail hunting. The shape charge looks to fill that slot.
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    Cheap Stuff that Works

    Headlamps from the Sams club. 2/$15. Uses 3aaa batteries. Spot and flood with red.