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    44 rem mag load for grizzly country

    Hello, I am fortunate to be moving into grizzly country come April. North Idaho. Hopefully will get to spend about 30-40 nights in the backcountry this summer and fall. I just purchased a Smith & Wesson 629 4" for backpacking, flyfishing, etc. I lucked out and the gun came with a great...
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    Best Female Back Pack?

    Hello, My girlfriend is wanting to buy a pack and do some adventures. Looking for recommendations on a 3-5 day pack. Ideally looking for a modular system where she can change out bag sizes to suit the trip. I don't think she needs a load shelf for meat so I am open to suggestions that do not...
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    Kuiu Katana Stretch Woven Shrink Issues?

    Hello, I recently bought a size 34 in the Kutana Stretch Woven pant. I am wanting to know if any current owners noticed any appreciable shrink from the dryer. The 34 is just slightly big on me, but if it shrinks some it will be perfect, so I am just looking for any input from people who have...
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    WTS/WTT Powder & Primers

    Here is what I am needing. 2 pounds of either H4350 or Reloder 16. 200 Federal Match Large Rifle Primers. Nosler 30 cal 180 grain Accubonds. Speer 30 cal 180 grain BTSP Nosler 277 cal 130 grain or 140 grain Accubonds. I am willing to trade powder for powder, and primers for primers. I am...
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    30-06 150 Scirocco

    Hello, I am thinking about loading up some 150 grain scirocco for whitetail out of a 30-06. Looking at possibly loading the 180 grain scirocco for elk. Currently shooting 165 grain Speer BTSP for whitetail. I had 3 dead deer all 1 shot kills this season with the 165 BTSP. Had a real good...
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    Zamberlan 1112 Cresta Alta

    Hello fellow roksliders, I am looking at potentially purchasing this boot. I live in Missouri. I currently run the Crispi Colorado for backpacking in the Ozarks. It is a little too stiff a boot for my liking. I am looking to replace it with the Zamberlan 1112 Cresta Alta. I am wondering if...
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    WTS Crispi Colorado Size 12

    85% Boot. No leaks at all. No rand separation. Just a little dirt from normal usage, and a few scuffs. I normally wear size 12 Nike. I am 6 foot 1 & 190 pounds with a regular width foot that runs a shade on the narrow side. No issues with fit or heel slippage. I've never rubbed a blister...
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    Best Cold Weather Primer?

    Hello everyone, I am wanting to know if there is any bias on brand for the most reliable cold weather primer. Will be using with a 30-06. IMR 4350, H4350, Reloder 16. Thanks!
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    Vortex Viper HD 12x50

    Looking to possibly purchase these for backpack hunting out west. I am currently running Steiner Military Marine 8x30's for the Ozarks. Since I own a pair of 8 power's I was looking to skip over the 10 powers and purchase 12 powers. Trying to stay below $600 for binoculars. Steiner does not...
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    Schnee's Divide Mid

    Looking for any feedback on this boot. I'm looking to replace a 15 year old pair of Vasque Sundowners. I'm considering this boot for that job. I will be using it for an all arounder. Hiking & backpacking in the Ozarks. May run it in Colorado for a backpack bear hunt in Sept.
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    OzarkOaks FNG

    FNG from Missouri. Hello from the Ozark's! I was born and raised in SW Missouri. I am an avid public land hunter and have bowhunted across most of Missouri. I am also a reloader and avid shooter. I am in my early 30's and I am starting down the path of out of state big game hunting. My...
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    Black Bear CO 30-06

    Hello, I am new here to Rockslide, and this is my first post. This is an awesome place to share ideas and read up on gear. I am excited to join! So here is the scoop on this post. I reload for a 30-06. Its my deer rifle and in the ozark's deer are 150 pounds on average. I run a 165 grain...