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  1. 2rocky

    Deciding to pay off house with retirement savings...

    Could you refinance for a 15 yr term and get an even lower APR? Paying more than your minimum payment each month will reduce Principal faster as well. I'm guessing your index fund is making you 7-10% per year? so you are giving up 2,5% to 6.5% each year if you pulled the money out of the...
  2. 2rocky

    Gaiters or no gaiters???

    They are in the pack. If I encounter snow or wet brush and grass I put them on.
  3. 2rocky

    BYU or University of Utah for daughter?

    As someone who attended an out of State school and has 2 college age daughters I've learned this in 25 years: I think you gave your daughter the ability and the desire to make good decisions. No matter the university she attends those opportunities will be present. Every university is a...
  4. 2rocky

    Rinella DDD - Depublicize, Deglorify, Demonetize

    Was it better in the 50's when Gordon Eastman was doing it?,documentary%20%E2%80%9CHunting%20Alaska%20Today%E2%80%9D. I'm pretty sure in my lifetime, hunting is going to...
  5. 2rocky

    Chase points or hunt?

    I think you have to identify some states you want to hunt often, and other states where you are in for the long haul. If you can have multiple species to choose from in a state or general area, you can create some knowledge for when you do draw the species that is the premier tag there. Look...
  6. 2rocky

    Should I trade a .40 for a 9mm?

    Cartridge ([email protected]) Pistol Wt. (lbs.) Recoil E. (ft. lbs.) Recoil V. (fps) .40 S&W (165 at 1080) 1.5 9.3 19.9 9x19 (124 at 1125) 1.5 6.0 16.0 It was mainly about recoil.
  7. 2rocky

    Should I trade a .40 for a 9mm?

    Thanks. Been watching Lenny Magill all morning thanks to this conversation....
  8. 2rocky

    Some bucks from last weekend! How big is the three point?

    Big Enuff to do a ground check. No numbers before he's dead.
  9. 2rocky

    Should I trade a .40 for a 9mm?

    My girlfriend has a.40 cal Glock 27 gen 3 that she doesn't enjoy shooting. But she wants a personal protection handgun. I think the recoil in the sub compact size is the problem. She shoots my Security six with 38's and enjoys that. With things going the way they are is it crazy to try to...
  10. 2rocky

    What’s the hardest to kill?

    the factors I listed still apply because those are the people you are competing with. Case in point the Jimmy John's Bull. A DIY fella had him on camera. and a Bigtime outfitter basically told him the night before opening day "Don't screw up our hunt because we have all year to kill him..."...
  11. 2rocky

    What’s the hardest to kill?

    Hardest on the checkbook? Hardest to find outside of a High Fence? Hardest Physical exertion to get? (Hauling corn doesn't count) Hardest international journey? If you don't get hung up on Fair chase, Or are not shy about spending money, or don't mind traveling to another country all of them...
  12. 2rocky

    What stresses you out?

    Feeling like there is too much month at the end of the money
  13. 2rocky

    DO NOT tell your non hunting friends you killed an elk...

    Having wild game meat gets me invited to a lot of BBQ potlucks. Anything still in the freezer when I need to make room goes into sausage.
  14. 2rocky

    Whitetail Deer Sized Game at 10x Long Range

    I'm shooting the same scope as the OP. Any other input? I find in field conditions holding the crosshairs steady on a 12 inch steel target to be a challenge at 10x around 400 yds.
  15. 2rocky

    Heading to WY unit 124!

    Sounds like you are due for some good luck. Hunt hard knowing you got us all in your corner.
  16. 2rocky

    California D3-5 Discussion Thread

    And there are 33,000 tag holders. That means if all the tag holders went out at the same time it would be one tag holder per 212 acres (~700yds x 1400yds ) if they were spaced evenly. But you mention one trailhead, one road, one mountain, on a public forum read by thousands of people and it...
  17. 2rocky

    California D3-5 Discussion Thread

    This isn't 2005 any more....We don't mention unit numbers...Especially for over the counter units that are crowded to begin with.
  18. 2rocky

    Gotta Love CA

    Biggest Obstacle to Prescribed burns? Air quality issues in large cities like SF during the winter.
  19. 2rocky

    Picatinny Rails vs Standard rings bases

    Took the rail off my Howa and went to regular rings. Brought the scope down to a better line with the butt of my stock. Ah the travails of having perfect high cheekbones....😊
  20. 2rocky

    Gotta Love CA

    After the last few years the OnX HISTORIC Wildfire layer doesn't make places stand out anymore... The Weather patterns that started these are definitely the 100 year perfect storm of fire conditions. It is my hope that this helped clean up the dead beetle kill thatch that was choking out so...