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    Oregon Draw Results

    malheur antelope walla walla buck walla walla spike
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    WTS Factory fluted 300wm take off barrel

    what action is it threaded for?
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    TRT Anyone?

    Last two labs had my testosterone levels at 110 and 133. Going to start TRT soon. What do you guys prefer injections or cream.?
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    Oregon seed numbers

    I believe so. Ifish has a good thread on it that explains exactly how it works. I stink at math. I would think you are too far away with your number
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    Backpack workouts

    40lb bag of pellet stove pellets
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    Sold Berger 6.5mm 156 EOL

    Box of 78 bullets 50 dollars shipped
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    300 win mag, what grain do you shoot?

    200 gr. Accubonds
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    Game Bags

    I make my own. Bought material from ripstop by the roll . They aren't better than anything you can buy, but I like making my own stuff when I can.
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    Old Spice

    That's how you know it's working
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    Dogs for pack animals?

    I would love to have these two pack out for me but by mile 1.5 they're ready for a nap
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    Oregon Malheur unit Antelope

    Has anybody hunted this unit for antelope. I should draw this year and wanted to find out about what size i should expect to see. thanks
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    Trophy Elk Ranch/Guide Recommendations

    Deseret CWMU is an awesome place. Lots of animals
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    Discoloration on euro mount

    bears are a pain in the ass to degrease. i use the clear dawn dish soap and ammonia , also a good soak in acetone for really stubborn ones. Bears just take time. i also whiten with Baqaucil oxidizer. i have beetles and do maceration. i do like the fact that maceration helps with the degreasing...
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    Oregon spring bear

    There is still quite alot of snow. Most forest service roads will be impassable without 4wheeler/snowmobile. I live in Milton freewater. Had the tag last year and hunted the lower Hancock ground
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    Still a foot of snow In the mountains around here. Going to be a few more weeks I think
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    Nu-Way propane stove experience?

    No experience, but was looking at these stoves also for a late hunt.
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    Theory of how red states/cities turn from red to blue

    The town i grew up in SE Washington has changed drastically in the last ten plus years. A booming wine industry has brought in hordes of liberals. We already had a liberal university but i didn't notice the influence ( i was gone in the military for my 20's and 30's), Now the town has a big...
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    Sold 6.5-300 wby ammo

    2 boxes of 6.5-300 weatherby factory ammo. 140gr berger vld 140 shipped 140.00 shipped
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    2021 North Idaho Mountain lion hunt

    looked like a great time. lions are the coolest animal and not a lot of people get to see them up close
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    Muzzle brake makes some nice ones .