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    Jim Shockey on Border Closure

    Likely a 120 day limit on credit card stuff like that?
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    Rain gear for early September montana elk

    I went through the same thing as you last year, bought some cheap rain gear and never even used it, will keep packing those on select hunts... This year I'm going sheep hunting, so needed to up my rain gear since mine kinda sucks for hiking in and I can't rely on it for a week out. If you have...
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    What does everyone put under there sleeping pad?

    Since you’re in Canada go to Michael’s craft store and buy a $8 1/8” EVA foam. They have multiple thicknesses too if you want thicker ones. If you need a strip of Tyvek shoot me a PM and I can mail you a piece cut, got lots of leftover from a house build.
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    Kuiu Gila gear

    On the Jay Scott podcast Brenden Burns straight up said “it’s our spin on what’s already on the market”. So expect nothing special but I guess the camo option is a nice touch for those that want that.
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    Tall Guy 1 mant bivvy tent.

    Run the Xmid floor less and sleep at a little angle it will work. The most underrated tent on the market, comes with a nest at the price people pay for a fly only on other tents on the market.
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    Pant noise?

    Just got Kuiu Kutana’s and they are quieter and slightly thicker than Eddie Bauer guide. Not sure I like their figment though, might stick with my Eddie’s
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    Best pant for early August Colorado

    I wore my current set a few times and already the stitching is ripping apart, fly zipper is coming loose. Gonna return my set and get another set thanks to the lifetime warranty. Ordered Kuiu Kutana pants as kinda getting tired of the Eddie Bauer's seams. Also the extra belt loops will be nice...
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    FL Ridgeline QZ

    How noisy it is? Like a quiet rain shell or more comparable to their corrugated fabric? Considering buying to layer on its own or over my Kuiu 97. Also considering the Strongfleece 210 on its own since it’s only 2oz heavier. Edit: researched more and it’s the same material as corrugate stuff...
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    Sold Seek outside brooks pack

    Excited to test this against my Kuiu pack and hopefully gets filled with a sheep, Elk and of course a deer this year (well at least one of those for sure!)
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    Seek outside belt

    Can you run the new style belt on an order pack (2019 mode). I don’t see why not hey?
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    Plastic bags for food

    Bumping this thread from last year as I'm looking to cut weight on my sheep pack. Have @22lr you tried comparing this bag vs simply pouring water into your ziploc bag that contains your freeze dried meal and simply putting that into your pot and closing the lid? Gonna see how that works next...
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    Zoleo and inreach communicate?

    Battery level shows up on my iPhone, just downloaded the app and set up my Zoleo today so newest update.
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    First Solo Shelter

    Durston Xmid is underrated. 21oz if you run it floorless (package & stakes included), add 10oz to make it double wall/full containment. I bought one recently but haven’t spend more than a night in it so need more time. It’s extremely well thought out and top quality. Cheaper than anything else...
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    Thoughts: Uncompahgre Puffy Pant vs Black Ovis Anchor Point

    Those are not that comparable, FL is 3.5oz synthetic (vs BO 4.2oz 800 fill down), 18oz (vs BO at 12oz). BO is warmer, lighter and compresses better. Only place FL wins is in a wet environment, BO doesn’t even have a DWR treatment although I added Nikwax treatment to it myself. I’ve never own...
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    BlackOvis Anchor Point 800 Fill Welded Down Jacket and Pant Live Field Review

    I’m opposite, a puffy jacket with water resistant down is a requirement for me. I can survive with wet pants but a wet puffy jacket can make things a little sketchy. I coated my pants with Nikwax and they shed water fine.
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    InReach Explorer+, InReach Mini, or Zoleo?

    I bought the Zoleo, better in every way except for tracking and lack of texting from device itself. In the last 10 years the only time my phone has ever died is from the cold and plug it in and voila it’s back. This is not something I take into consideration and usually hunt with someone else.
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    Ruger American

    Sent it to the Canada distributor in September, they took a few months to tell him he needed a new barrel and they had to order one. Gun is being shipped back, likely show due to the crappy Canada representation?
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    BlackOvis Anchor Point 800 Fill Welded Down Jacket and Pant Live Field Review

    My XL pants are 14.4oz on my scale Also I coated mine with spray on Nikwax works good when I tested at home repelling water.
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    Under Armour Hiking Shoes for Elk Hunt - Talk me out of it

    Under armour boots suck, I bought some last year and they were getting wet a few days in. I mean if you’re getting them for cheap they’re worth a shot I guess, mine are for quadding or around home now.