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    WTS Timberline 3 bag

    Timberline 3 bag OD, Medium Pocket OD, GRAB IT OD, No rips tears $ 175.00 Will text pictures.
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    WTS Kifaru Late Season

    Pack in very good shape, coyote brown, 24 inch staves, medium belt.
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    Backpacking and hunting

    I an from SE Missouri, no one around here has much interest in backpack hunting. Like to hookup with some guys that are.
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    Kifaru- Woodman Bag

    This bag has not been use, New, color- Ranger Green $200.00
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    Older duplex frame

    I have the older duplex frame, would the Woodsman bag attach to it?
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    Duplex Frame--- Shoulder straps

    Having trouble with my shoulder straps, seem to be so stiff, they do not want to slide through the double slider. Packed about 5-6 yrs old, lots of use, hunting, backpacking, training. Just wondering if anybody else has had this problem, and what to do to correct it. Many thanks for any info...
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    FS Kuiu Attack Pant- Major Brown

    These pants are new, worn one time, size 34, they are a little big for me.$115.00
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    WTS Coleman exponent tent

    This tent is a solo, been use 3-4 times, very good shape, can text you pictures. $ 120.00