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  1. Mdfowlman2

    Any docotors or anyone that can read mri?

    I recently injured my left elbow, had mri on Friday. Waiting on the report very impatiently. My 2021 elk trip is at stake and I’m going nuts with what if’s. I have my images and I can see something that looks like a very clear tear but I honestly have no clue what I’m looking at
  2. Mdfowlman2

    Altra lone peak all weather mids?

    Anyone running this boot for Hunting? I need a less stiff boot due to Some foot issues, was recommended this shoe earlier today. Wondering if anyone else has firsthand experience
  3. Mdfowlman2

    WTS Crispi Nevada ins. Sz11

    I am looking to sell my Crispi Nevada insulated boots. Sz11 These were worn on two hikes, 3miles and a 5.5mile. Unfortunately I have posterior tibial tendinitis and the doctor is recommending that I go to a less stiff boot to keep my foot muscles more engaged. These boots are in amazing shape...
  4. Mdfowlman2

    WTS Crispi lapponia sz11

    I have a brand new never work outside pair of lapponia boots size 11. Bought these three weeks ago from black Ovis and they’re cut a little bigger than my Nevada’s. I can return these and plan to do so tomorrow or Wednesday, i figured with them being out of stock everywhere I’d offer them up...
  5. Mdfowlman2

    Xtherm for wide sleeper?

    Anyone have any side sleeping experience on the xtherm?
  6. Mdfowlman2

    WTB Lapponia 10.5

    Looking to pick up a pair of lapponias in 10.5.
  7. Mdfowlman2

    Pad width

    Looking to order a pad soon, been looking a lot of the thermarest. Only hangup is the regular size is 20” wide, seems super narrow and no one has the wide/large in stock. Is this one of those cases where is seems narrow until your on it?
  8. Mdfowlman2

    WTB Seek outside cimmaron

    Prefer one with stove jack but not a deal breaker
  9. Mdfowlman2

    WTB Cloudburst pants

    Looking for cloudburst pants medium tall or large/large tall. Prefer subalpine but not opposed to open country
  10. Mdfowlman2

    WTS Hornady 225g eld-m 300 prc 200rds

    I have a full case of 300prc Hornady 225g eld-m, $950 tyd. I know this price isn’t cheap, I also know they only avail ammo on ammo seek is $119 per box for the least expensive retail spots.
  11. Mdfowlman2

    Cloudburst vs dew point vs chugach

    Looking to buy some rain gear for my Montana archery elk hunt, this will also be used for whitetail a duck hunts in Md. They are around the same price and besides a little weight they seem comparable
  12. Mdfowlman2

    Montana archery elk Sitka system help

    I’ll be out in Montana for 10 days during mid September. Looking to see what everyone recommends or uses themselves. I know the weather can be all over the place that time of year. Current setup Sitka core lightweight hoody and bottoms Mountain pants Traverse pants Kelvin lite hoody Kelvin lite...
  13. Mdfowlman2

    E bike?

    Anyone use an e bike for elk? Looking to maybe extend the range a bit, also fighting a foot issue so saving a few miles a day could be a huge help.
  14. Mdfowlman2

    WTS Mathews vxr/v3 mod (D)

    I have a set of switch weight mods (D) 29.5”, 85%, 70lb $45tyd
  15. Mdfowlman2

    Fly or drive?

    So my hunting partner and I drew tags in Montana today. We are planning a 10-12 day trip out in September for archery. Unfortunately we live in Md aprox 36hr one way drive. We are considering flying but not sure with the possibility of losing luggage not to mention lots of other issues with...
  16. Mdfowlman2

    WTS Sitka apex pant 34, new with tags

    I have a pair of brand new apex pants 34r in sub alpine, these are still in the original plastic, I missed the return window and they don’t fit me. $190tyd PayPal goods and services. When I get home this evening I’ll post of some pics.
  17. Mdfowlman2

    How crazy will CO Archery OTC be 2021?

    Seeing that each state is seeing record applicants this year, I’m curious as to how insane Colorado archery otc will be this year, if I don’t draw a tag elsewhere Colorado otc archery will be high on my list of backup options
  18. Mdfowlman2

    WTS Bitzenberger with left helical

    I have a basically brand new jig with left clamp. I bought this, fletched 6 arrows and found a great deal on a vane master pro and have no need for two jigs. $90 tyd
  19. Mdfowlman2

    Sidearm or bear spray?

    Hunting this upcoming archery elk season in grizzly country, would you pack a canister of bear spray or bring the sidearm?
  20. Mdfowlman2

    Assault bike or rowing machine?

    So running is out for me for a while do to some serious tendinitis in my foot. To keep conditioning i plan to buy either a concept 2 rowing machine or assault bike, or both. what are you guys using? Pros,cons, maybe other options. Thanks in advance