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    Fury 5000 HD AB or Geovid?

    Wanting a bino/rf unit to primarily hunt open country mule deer and whitetail. My main criteria is accurate RF readings and holdover outputs. I realize Geovid 2700/3200 is far superior optically, but will a guy be happy enough with the adequate Fury glass? I understand RF capabilities and...
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    Leica Geovid Ballistic Feature

    If I decide to pull the trigger on a new Geovid, with the new passport warranty, I've got a question. In spite of my piss poor experience with a previous Geovid, I'm considering trying one again. I'm wondering if the ballistic feature is worth the extra $$$, being that the 3200 Geovid is the...
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    WTB WTB Bergara Ridge 6.5 CM, 7mm08

    Looking for a Bergara Ridge, as title says, in 6.5CM, 6.5 PRC, or 7mm08. Please let me know if you have one or know where one can be purchased. Thanks.
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    Leica Geovid HDB Ballistic Feature

    I'm considering taking the plunge (round 2 actually) for the new 3000 HDB, and am wondering about the ballistic feature. Assuming I download ballistics to the micro SD card.... Are readouts shown in Mil, MOA, or what? Can you set up to range in yds, and show corrections in mils? Are...
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    WTS Nikon Monarach HG 10x42

    I'm actually selling these for a good friend of mine........a NIB 10x42 HG that was used at our buddy's shop as a display only. It has box and everything that comes with a new binocular, and it still has an unfilled out warranty card so you can register these with Nikon Sport Optics for...
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    Clearing Toronto Customs

    In the middle of firming up flights to Deer Lake for a Sept 2020 moose hunt. I've heard the horror stories about clearing customs in Toronto with guns, but what is it equally as difficult coming and going clearing customs without a firearm? In other words, should a guy try and avoid Toronto...
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    Moose Hunt Gear List

    I'm in the process of booking a NF moose hunt with Mountain Top Outfitters for this fall . I don't know diddly squat about moose hunting even though I've been big game hunting for almost 40 years now. I obviously know the basics.....rifle, bullets, optics, etc that are necessary, but what...
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    Choice.....Nikon HG or Razor HD

    My buddy at the LGS has one set of each for sale at basically half price. He rearranged his inventory and had these as display units. Both are 10x42's. If it weren't for Nikon's sales and customer service/warranty "waffling" the HG's would be a no brainer for me, as I really like...
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    Vortex Fury 5000 vs Sig Kilo3000 BDX

    Has anyone done a comparison between these two in the field? How do they compare in ranging ability, glass, etc? I've seen them in Cabelas, that's all. Thanks.
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    West TX New Guy

    Long time lurker, decided to join in the fun. This seems to be a well run site, maybe not entirely void of trolls, etc but a really good, informative, and active site. I get tired of the constant bickering on others. Been hunting pretty much my whole life, since age 11, 47 years now...