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  1. simpsonhntr

    First Washington Roosevelt Elk 2019

    This past fall my buddy and I decided to go out for an archery Roosevelt elk hunt in Western Washington. I had recently moved to Washington and they have OTC tags for lots of units. Both of us have been very successful hunting elk in Colorado and were looking forward to hunting for roosies. We...
  2. simpsonhntr

    Washington FNG

    Hello, I finally am using rokslide and it seems to be great. I have a fair amount of hunting experience mostly in Colorado. I did just shoot my first Roosevelt Bull in Washington a couple months ago.
  3. simpsonhntr

    Newer Washington Hunter

    Hello Everyone, I have been in Western Washington for a year now and I am looking for people who would be interested in a new hunting partner or group. I went out this year for general archery and connected on a Roosevelt Bull 4x5 it was a great hunt. I have a fair amount of experience primarily...