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    Sleeping and hunting in a blind.

    Evening everyone. Main question: does anybody sleep in their ground blind overnight Second question: is it effective to cut trails and or block off paths to funnel animals into a certain section of trail. I'm planning on setting up a ground blind in some thick timber. Rhino 300 I will be...
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    WTS Sold- please delete

    Selling some gear I don't use. Open to offers. Thanks Kifaru Tahr Wolf grey- like new, no stains- sold! Eberlestock J34 with rifle cover and bow bucket. Used condition, no stains.- Sold! Eberlestock rifle scabbard coyote tan New, never used- sold
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    Eberlestock J34 w/ butt bucket & rifle cover FS

    Eberlestock J34 w/ butt bucket & rifle cover FS - Price Drop Hello, looking to upgrade my gear and thin the herd at the same time. I have used this pack for the last 2 years - it has done everything I've asked it too. Unfortunately i have never had an animal in this bag so there is no blood on...