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    Best Bear Rug Maker in Montana

    Game Trails Taxidermy in Florence did great with my rug and skull.
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    WTB 22-250 ammo

    Pm sent
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    WTB Weatherby Mark V 7mm mag

    Been debating on a 7mm or 280ai. Sent you a pm.
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    WTB Weatherby Mark V 7mm mag

    @LEO Outfitters how many weeks out are the backcountrys once ordered lately?
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    WTS Bullets for sale

    Pm sent on the 308 Swifts
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    Need advice - woman's rifle

    Browning x bolt micro Midas composite is a great option
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    Quarter Bore!

    25-06 is my vote. I've had good luck with both the 100 gr TTSX and 120 gr Fusions on antelope, deer and black bear.
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    WTS Stone Glacier 5900

    Willing to sell the bag/lid separately?
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    Montana Legislation Continues Cocaine-Fueled Trip

    I hunt central Montana as well and agree with you that large herds primarily hang out on private lands. I don't feel bad for those private landowners or ranchers who say the elk are causing problems. Solution = open it up to the public through a block management program. Them limiting access is...
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    Montana Legislation Continues Cocaine-Fueled Trip

    In addition to HB417 that removes limited quotas for the same over objective areas? They're both garbage bills that aim to destroy great elk hunting in Montana. Montana needs to fix the real issue - public/private access. The large private ranches already have the herds and limit access, but now...
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    Sold Stone Glacier Sky 5900, X-Curve Frame, Small Belt

    Willing to sell the bag separately?
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    Which Stone Glacier accessories are a must?

    Quick release sling, one hip belt pocket, two swing out pockets. I use the swing out pockets for my kill kit and emergency type items.
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    Favorite Caliber (s)

    25-06 and 300wm
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    Pronghorn caliber

    Hard to beat either of those. 25-06 for me .
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    Ever wonder what shows up on your elk carcass?

    Thats a nice bear. Cool video
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    Montana 21 bear ( April or may )

    Obviously snow pack for the years will vary but I'd go the second week in May personally for access and green up
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    Montana muzzleloader season

    Born and raised in MT and I'd gladly take any change that's in an actual movement towards some type of management.
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    MT Mountain Lion

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    Montana muzzleloader season

    Lets be honest, most from Montana are against any type of change that doesn't allow them to hunt rutting bucks without a rifle. They like it how it was in the 1950s and think there's no need for a change now. I'm all about your comment. That or make it a draw past mid November for rifle. Even if...