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  1. Ratbeetle

    WTS Motorcycle Tail Bag

    Figured there might be a rider or two on here that would have a need for this. I don't ride any longer and this was hardly ever used. Joe Rocket tail bag. $22 tyd.
  2. Ratbeetle

    WTB SO Tipi Nest

    Looking for a 6 man or Cimarron/Redcliff half nest.
  3. Ratbeetle

    Grand Canyon Backpack Trip

    I know it's not hunting related, but I just got back from a 3 day backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon with my family and thought I'd share. Even though everyone thought we were crazy, we packed our toddler down to the river and back. Spent two nights at Hermit Rapids and had the trip of a...
  4. Ratbeetle

    WTB 7mm08 Brass

    Looking for new 7mm08 brass. Let me know what you have.
  5. Ratbeetle

    7mm08 Powders

    I recently acquired a 7mm08 and want to start working on loads for both the 140gr accubond and 139gr lrx. Any one loading those with H4350? I have a pile of that on hand, so it would be nice to make that work considering the current powder market. I also have a little bit of Varget and 8208...
  6. Ratbeetle

    WTS/WTT 338 Win Mag Reloading Supplies

    $45. Hornady custom grade dies $80. 50pcs of new, unfired Nosler brass $12. 19pcs 225gr Accubonds (9 with light marks from pulling) I'll throw in a half pound of Imr4350 for local sale or trade. All prices are TYD. Trades 6mm 95gr lrx 7mm 139gr lrx 7mm 140gr accubond 7mm 120gr ttsx 308...
  7. Ratbeetle

    WTS/WTT Brass

    Sorted some brass today, looking to sell or trade some that I don't reload for. These have not be deprimed or tumbled. 38spl: SOLD 357mag: SOLD 30-30: SOLD 308: SOLD MORE ADDED BELOW.
  8. Ratbeetle

    WTS S&W M&P 15-22

    Selling a S&W M&P 15-22. Probably only had a brick of CCI mini mags through it. Runs like a top, I just don't really use it. Cones with one 25rd mag which I can legally sell since I owned the rifle and mag prior to COs stupid mag law. Obviously can't sell the rifle or mag to you if it's...
  9. Ratbeetle

    Do you believe in ghosts

    Well do you? I've never been a believer in the supernatural type stuff but I'm not naive enough to think we have all the mysteries of the universe unravelled. There's been some strange happenings around the ratbeetle house lately.
  10. Ratbeetle

    WTS Crossbreed Gun Belt

    Crossbreed executive gun belt. 1-1/4" width, Size 33 waist. Brown with gunmetal buckle. This is a seconds model but other than a small scuff on the buckle, I don't see anything wrong with it. Great belt, just doesn't fit me quite how I'd like. $19 TYD.
  11. Ratbeetle

    WTS Ruger P89 Magazines

    I found two OEM Ruger P89 10 rd magazines in a box I was going through today. I forgot about these and no longer have the pistol. How about $15 TYD for both.
  12. Ratbeetle

    WTB Seek Outside Stove

    Looking for a gently used SO large or medium stove, preferably with 8' of pipe. Figured I would check here before I order from SO this week.
  13. Ratbeetle

    WTS Winchester 94AE Trapper

    Winchester 94AE Trapper saddle ring carbine in .30-30 for sale. 16" barrel. It's been carried on a deer hunt or two, so there are some minor handling marks but it's been shot very little. Overall great condition. Mid-90s vintage, I believe. Awesome, handy little rifle but it's redundant for...
  14. Ratbeetle

    WTS 3 Rivers Tomahawk Longbow

    3 Rivers Tomahawk "Desert Fox" Longbow for sale. 58" long and 52lbs at 28". Beautiful, great-shooting bow, I've just decided to go all in with my widow. Excellent condition and will come with 2 extra unused strings. $485 shipped. PP ff or add fees.
  15. Ratbeetle

    WTS Athlon Ares 15-45x65 ED

    Bought this for a sheep hunt last year. Carried for about 7 days on that hunt and another handful of days this year. Body and glass are in excellent condition. I can't find any blemishes on either. All focus knobs are smooth and free of any grit. I always packed it in the soft case, so the...
  16. Ratbeetle

    WTS Brass, brass, brass

    I don't reload like I used to and I have a bunch of brass taking up space. Most is once fired 223/556, 40sw, 9mm, 308, 30-30, and 300aac. Probably a little 38 special, 357 mag, 45acp and 10mm in there also. Each one of the jugs holds 4lbs of animal crackers...not sure what the animal cracker...
  17. Ratbeetle

    WTS Backcountry Bowhunting - Cameron Hanes

    Backcountry bowhunting book and DVD by Cameron Hanes. I'll throw in an Eastmans hunting the elk rut DVD. Let's do $35 tyd. PP fees on me.
  18. Ratbeetle

    WTS Leupold BX-4 8x32

    Catch and release. Like new Leupold BX-4 8x32 in subalpine. Impressed with the BX-4s but have decided I want a bit more magnification. In like new condition, comes with everything pictured minus the attached tethers that go to my harness. Great set of lightweight binos. $395 tyd. PayPal ff...
  19. Ratbeetle

    WTS/WTT Savage 111 338 Win Mag

    Clearing out some guns I don't shoot. I impulse bought this rifle about 5 years ago...really not sure why as I only hunt rifle pronghorn. 338wm might be a bit overkill. Savage 111 Hog Hunter in 338 win mag. I don't believe they make this particular rifle in 338wm any longer. Accutrigger...
  20. Ratbeetle

    WTB HPG Snubby Kit Bag

    Looking for a hpg snubby kit bag. Anyone have one they no longer need.