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    WTS Vortex Impact 850

    Great condition vortex Impact 850 for sale. $150
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    WTB WTB Vortex Ranger 1800

    Looking to buy a vortex Ranger 1800 if someone happens to have one in good condition Thanks
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    WTS Closet clean out

    Hi- interested in the raingear set. Can you send a couple photos? Are they new?
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    WTS Buck 120 Knife with Sheath

    Good condition buck 120 knife with sheath. $50 OBO and you pay shipping. Venmo or Paypal (or pickup if in Denver) Thanks
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    Thanks! Really excited to get out this year and spend some time on the site
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    Sold Closet Clean Out Part 2 - Kuiu + Outdoor Research

    Interested in your rain gear
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    Lightweight hiking/trail running shoes or boots

    Also- they come in both standard and GTX models in each.
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    Vortex Razor HD 4000 Rangefinder Review, By Jared Bloomgren

    This one is on my list. Thanks so much for this review
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    Non-custom insole recommendations

    I have both Orange and green to which I dont notice much difference. The superfeet rep told me the new trailblazers were really good for hunting/heavy hiking boots and have a shallower heel cup area to help avoid raising the rear too high and getting blisters
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    Wide fit hunting boots

    Im sure someone has mentioned them but the Hanwag Tatratop GTX, Alaska Wide and Wide GTX would be good candidates.
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    Lightweight hiking/trail running shoes or boots

    Im sure someone has mentioned these but the Salomon forces line has light/medium and medium/heavy boots that are great for your application. They are all around super footwear.
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    Savage 110 Ultralite Accufit Stock

    I just picked one up as well and am interested to see how it shoots. The stock feels good to me and the adjustability is nice to have out of the box. I was a bit concerned about the flex but it seems to be more rigid longitudinally so I suspect that with the bipod contact point /sling swivel...
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    Thanks! Hoping to get a good / successful hunt in this year!
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    First Lite boxers review

    Who likes short shorts? No one..... I was wondering about fit on these but now feel like the long is the only way to go.
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    Colorado Clothing

    I chatted with the guys at firstlite about 2nd/33rd rifle and they gave me a great list. I’ll tell you that the I am really impressed with the sawtooth vest/LS and the soft shell pieces
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    CO FNG back to hunting after years away

    Welcome I’m in the same boat as you but with rifle. Also super close to Arvada!
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    FNG here from CO Discovered rokslide after researching items for a first OTC Co elk/deer hunt Thanks for everything so far