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  1. oldhorse

    Help Me Pick a Kifaru Bag

    I am an unapologetic gear whore. I currently have a Fulcrum, a 22mag G1, a 44Mag, a Nomad 2 and a Mountain Warrior . I like all of these bags and use them for different purposes. However, if I could only have one, I would keep the Fulcrum. The Fulcrum and the Nomad are essentially the...
  2. oldhorse

    Does anyone know of an alternative to the Kifaru Bane pack or Kifaru Guide Lid that could be used to carry fishing gear?

    I already had a sh!tload of extra straps and buckles when I set it up. I can PM you some pictures tomorrow if that works would be helpful.
  3. oldhorse

    Does anyone know of an alternative to the Kifaru Bane pack or Kifaru Guide Lid that could be used to carry fishing gear?

    I use Kifaru Guide lid straps to attach it to my Mountain Warrior. The hardware it comes with is designed to mount it to a military style pack with molle webbing on the back
  4. oldhorse

    Does anyone know of an alternative to the Kifaru Bane pack or Kifaru Guide Lid that could be used to carry fishing gear?

    Tactical Tailor makes one. It's called the 'Fight light removable operator pack'. It a little over 1100ci. Designed to mount to their larger military-style pack. I have used one as a lid on my Mountain Warrior for several years now. It is a more functional and comfortable day pack than...
  5. oldhorse

    WTS HPG, Kifaru, Mystery Ranch, Seek Outside, London Bridge Trading Co.

    I will take the Kifaru 1000D organizer pocket if it is still available
  6. oldhorse

    357 mag vs 24" lite

    Look at the 22 Mag Field Radio Operators pack on the Kifaru website. It looks like a 357 Mag bag designed to mount on the 22 in Tactical Frame. It's a limited production run, only comes in Multicam. Downside, of course, is the cost. By the time you buy the Tactical frame, FRO pack...
  7. oldhorse

    Kifaru 22 mag on a 26" frame

    This is my main complaint with the Gen 2 22 Mag. I bought a Gen 1 when they first came out and loved it. I used it on my 24 inch frame initially, then I picked up a 22 in hunter frame with carbon arrow stays from the classifieds. This is a great combination. When the Gen 2 came out I...
  8. oldhorse

    Sold Kifaru Reckoning Setup

    Interested in the Reckoning bag, if you end up separating
  9. oldhorse

    WTS Kifaru Reckoning Bag only RG

    Can you post a picture of the sleeve that goes over the top of the frame, where the load lifters attach? Thanks
  10. oldhorse

    WTS EXO K2 3500 ranger

    That's reasonable. I will take the 3500 bag and one lid please
  11. oldhorse

    WTS EXO K2 3500 ranger

    Are you shipping from the CONUS?
  12. oldhorse

    Sold Seek Outside Eolus - New

    Next in line for the entire package if hikerhunter doesn't take it
  13. oldhorse

    Kifaru packs water packs

    Camelbak Milspec 2 and 3 liter (short-wide version) have served me well. The twist seal cap on the bags are a little finicky, so make sure you don't have any leaks before you put in your pack
  14. oldhorse

    WTB WTB Kifaru 4800 Highcamp or similar simple bag

    If you want a pack bag made specifically for the 22 inch frame, your options are a 22 Mag (Gen 1 or 2), a Thar, Nomad 2,or a Woodsman. The Gen 2 22 Mag and Nomad 2 are the only bags still in production. The larger bags will fit on a 22 inch frame, but, to quote the Kifaru website, "they...
  15. oldhorse

    Stone Glacier Avail Capabilities

    Unless you have very compact and ultralight gear, it's going to be very difficult to push the Avail into the overnight role. I used one for about a year as my all-day pack. It performed well in that role. Pair it up with an X curve frame, dry bag, and you are good to go. I know you are...
  16. oldhorse

    Costco Timber Ridge Expedition Frame Pack - Thoughts?

    I have no experience with the Costco pack. From the photos on the website, it looks exactly like the old Cabelas Alaskan 2 pack. I used one of the Alaskan 2 packs for several years as my 'heavy load hauler' and for multi-day backpacking trips. A Badlands 2200 was my daypack. I had no idea...
  17. oldhorse

    Door Gunner Questions

    I bought a Door Gunner when they were first released and I have used it consistently. It is a great little pack for short, fast trips and summit hikes. However, I prefer the Antero without a belt for EDC. Add a belt and some pockets and it's a great day pack. Just my opinion, but it's...
  18. oldhorse

    Sold New Cimarron/Redcliff Half Nest

    I will take it. Please PM me your PayPal info