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  1. wildwilderness

    2020 Hunts- Deer, Mt Goat, Bears, Sheep, Bou, Moose

    So 2020 definitely didn't turn out as we thought it would but luckily we made the best of it! My family had a lot of fun in the outdoors this year so I thought I should share how it went-
  2. wildwilderness

    Any Dentist wanting to move to Alaska?

    I made the move a few years ago and things are going well. I now have two offices- one in Anchorage, and one in Eagle River with the previous dentists retiring soon. So I am looking for another dentist to work with so I can still take the time off for all my fishing and Hunting :LOL: . If you...
  3. wildwilderness

    Iron Will wide vs std

    Looking for maximum lethality here for big bears- the brown kind. Do you think an IW wide without the bleeder blade would penetrate as well as the standard with the bleeder in? Which do you think would be more lethal on a mid body hit? Better blood trail? I was lucky enough to kill my first...
  4. wildwilderness

    SE Kansas Spring Turkey?

    I have a chance to hunt SE Kansas spring turkey for the first time. I see the season is April 14-end of May. when would you recommend going? Earlier works better for me. Will the gobblers be calling well in April? Also any other advice is welcome.
  5. wildwilderness

    Easy way to mount iPhone in treestand?

    Looking for a cheap easy way to mount an iPhone X in a tree stand to self record? I know its not the best camera, but a doe at 20 yards it will be fine. Just need an easy way to mount it? Thanks
  6. wildwilderness

    How far to count rings w/ Swaro 95?

    I currently have a swaro 65 spotter and have been thinking about getting a bigger eye! Maybe I’m just getting older but I would sure like to count sheep rings farther out. anyone have a swaro 95? If so how far is it’s effective range for counting rings? Does it go to the next level past the 65...
  7. wildwilderness

    Compact suppressed build- cartridge?

    I’ve been considering a build off the Manners Compact stock and a Remington SA 700/7 I also am considering buying my first suppressor to go on it. The rifle will be used for target practice and big game hunting out to 600yds. And as an adjustable one for my family and friends to shoot I’m...
  8. wildwilderness

    Tikka 308 increase velocity options?

    My son has a nice upgraded LH SS Tikka chambered in 308 win with a 20” Proof prefit. We changed the bolt stop and have LA mag but the throat on the barrel won’t allow seating bullets out far. The 178 eldm max col to the lands is about 2.87”. With the space of the tikka action and mag I would...
  9. wildwilderness

    Where to start Wildcat Load? 35 SAUM?

    I have been contemplating my first wildcat, a 35 SAUM (300 necked up). For those who know, how do you start load development? I am planning two loads- a 200 gr TTSX, and a heavy 275 gr Woodleigh PP. based on case capacity it looks to be similar to the 350 Rem Mag, and the 35 Whelen. Can I sort...
  10. wildwilderness

    WTB CA-15 in 6.5 Grendel

    Anyone have a Christensen arms CA-15 in 6.5 Grendel? Looking to buy one of available.
  11. wildwilderness

    WTS Tikka T3 Lite LEFT HAND stock

    Upgraded my sons Tikka T3 Lite to an AG composite stock. I have this factory Left Hand stock to sell. Asking $60 obo
  12. wildwilderness

    Sold Tikka T3 Lite SS factory 308 Barrel

    Up graded my sons Tikka T3 SS barrel to a carbon so have this factory barrel to sell. Chambered in 308 win. 22” Asking $60 obo
  13. wildwilderness

    Which Scope on semi-custom Tikka 308?

    I am finished up my son's rifle, now need a scope for it. It's a Tikka T3 lite LH stainless 308 win he got when he was 12, and has taken many animals. For His 18 birthday I switched out the stock to an AG composites, and the barrel with a 20" Proof Sendero with an APA break, and new bottom...
  14. wildwilderness

    AR build for coyotes?

    So I must be one of the few without an AR! I would like to build one for coyotes, since I unfortunately tend to miss them on my first shot! I have plenty of bolt action rifles so it’s time for an AR style. From your collective wisdom what would you do for an AR that is accurate, relatively...
  15. wildwilderness

    Should I go down the Wildcat Road?

    Been thinking of a good cartridge for a compact rifle build I’ve contemplated during the dark winter days. So Far been considering the 338 RCM or the 338 Sherman Short. Barrel will be 18-20” so I started messing around with some bullets and brass and put these together- not much out there in the 35!
  16. wildwilderness

    Which Tikka bottom metal

    Been working on my son’s Left Hand Tikka T3 lite. What are the best options for new bottom metal? Best value over the factory plastic?
  17. wildwilderness

    .338 compact build barrel options

    I have been thinking about a new build for next year- a .338 rifle since I don't have one of that caliber yet. I am looking at the Manners Compact Stock for a nice short rifle that is easily packable- I live in AK so for bush flights, rafts, and as a backup camp rifle. I bow hunt as well so...
  18. wildwilderness

    Broken collarbone, how long to shoot?

    My teenage son broke his collarbone messing around on a mini 4wheeler. Left collarbone and he shoots left handed. How long til he can shoot a rifle? Can he go right handed sooner? Hopefully he can hunt by Thanksgiving
  19. wildwilderness

    35 Whelen load data

    So My parents picked up some Woodleigh bullets the last time they were in Australia and I am trying to find load data for them. It’s a box of 275gr PSP Weldcore in 358. I have a 35 Whelen and a few powders to try. The two that would work for sure would be RL 15 and H4895. However I do have RL...
  20. wildwilderness

    Which Fieldcraft?

    Not that I need another rifle, but I can get a bit of a deal on a Barrett Fieldcraft so I have been looking at the 18" vs 21" and which caliber? Also saw the special edition ones and the Green Cerakote 22" threaded 6.5 CM looks interesting but costs more. Any one have that version? I moved to...