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  1. hunter4life

    Odds my July NWT dall hunt happens?

    The part that really rubbed me the wrong way in Shockey's article is right at the end. "Would the loss of one year’s worth of your discretionary holiday dollars affect your financial future?" He acts like this is just play money to all the clients. He seems to take no regard that the clients...
  2. hunter4life

    Odds my July NWT dall hunt happens?

    Here is an article that will scare many of you. After reading this I will never plan on booking a hunt with Jim Shockey. In the future I will probably avoid Canada altogether and head to Alaska or Russia instead. I definitely would not drop a huge deposit on a hunt and would not pay in full...
  3. hunter4life booted by GoDaddy

    We live in crazy times. The big tech companies that just colluded to try and destroy Parler (Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google) are evil. They want to have all the protections of section 230 but then want to be able to silence speech they do not agree with. They can have one or the...
  4. hunter4life

    Unpopular Opinion: I don't like Dave Ramsey

    Some of you guys on here act like investments never go down. See the above post #69. If you had bought that car with a loan in late 2007 and invested the rest of the money in the stock market at the same time you would have been underwater for the next 5 years. The market has ups and downs...
  5. hunter4life

    How are New Mexico covid restrictions going to impact hunting?

    From what I can tell it had a slight impact. I heard of a few people not going on their hunts. Most out of staters came on their hunts and had a good time. A quarantine makes no sense if you are coming from an area with Covid and going to an area with Covid. It would only make sense if you...
  6. hunter4life

    transferring elk stink to the meat

    Hough, everywhere I have hunted requires the antlers for males, or the scalp on cow elk. I have never left the testicles attached. Elk will be fine if skinned, quartered and left overnight. I have done that many times. If just gutted and left on the ground overnight you are just asking to...
  7. hunter4life

    Barnes TSX vs nosler Partition?

    Stick with the TSX if you have a good load and are comfortable with it. I have been using 160 gr. TSX in 7mm mag and they have worked excellent on everything from Red Duiker in Africa to elk here in NA and maral in Kazakhstan. I agree with the Ford vs. Chevy comment above. They are both...
  8. hunter4life

    Now they did it. Elk statue burned.

    brsnow, Have you read the black lives matter mission statement? Here is a part of it. "We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the...
  9. hunter4life


    I have a 2019 SR5 4runner. Could not justify the extra money for the TRD and wanted a 3rd row which is only in the SR5 or limited. Put in a set of Bilstein 6112's and new coils in back for a 2" lift, and still came in way under the price of upgrading to the TRD. Have been happy so far.
  10. hunter4life

    New Mexico Unit 26 mule deer

    I hunted the border last year and saw absolutely no sign of illegals where I was at. It just means that they were using a different set of trails, not that they stopped coming. Next year it might be full of drug smugglers once again. I have been in NM for 35 years and you have your head in...
  11. hunter4life

    New Mexico Aoudad / Barbary Sheep questions...for an archery tag unit 29, 30

    I used to guide barbary sheep hunts in NM and have killed a whole bunch of them with people (70 or thereabouts). We were always rifle hunting, but I would say 10% of the kills were <50 yards. The best spots I found to get in close were in thick cholla cactus patches. If you could find them in...
  12. hunter4life

    Durable gaiters?

    I use OR Crocs, they have never let me down.
  13. hunter4life

    Mountain Lion or Bear

  14. hunter4life

    Auodad in Texas

    The ewes and little rams <25" are usually really good. The big old ones are super tough, but with fine flavor. I am talking from the experience of killing and eating a whole bunch of all age classes of aoudad over the last 30 years.
  15. hunter4life

    Auodad in Texas

    Big old rams are very tough, but they taste fine. Just grind the whole thing (including backstraps) and make sausage and burger. Young rams and ewes make fine table fare. I just process them the same as I would a deer.
  16. hunter4life

    transferring elk stink to the meat

    Do the gutless method, which keeps your cuts and hands away from the belly that is covered in urine and stench. I have found that this is important because it will transfer the smell and taste to the meat. Several pairs of gloves would work too, but I don't carry any.
  17. hunter4life

    Mountain Lion Caliber

    I see a lot of replies that are from guys who have obviously not killed lions, or have never hunted them with a client. It is amazing how many people can screw up a 10-20 yard shot on a treed lion. Do NOT take a rimfire. .30-.30, .243, 44 mag carbine, .223, any deer or elk rifle, will all...
  18. hunter4life

    Oversized stirrups

    Have these on 2 saddles. They work well with regular hunting boots (Meindl Alaska Hunters). It is never cold enough here for heavily insulated boots, so I would not know about those. I would definitely recommend tapaderos on your stirrups. They are way nicer if you end up riding through a...
  19. hunter4life

    Unlimited Hunt or $1250 in raffle tickets

    Save your money and after 5 or so years with some interest you could book a mid-asian ibex hunt. Thats what I would do.
  20. hunter4life

    Ethical Shots - just because your buddy can does mean you shouldn't say something

    Push the stalk, not the shot. I don't care if you can shoot 5" groups at 1000 yards, in my mind it is an unethical shot. The animal has essentially no chance of detecting you at that range. Nobody here is hunting because they are hungry and it is the only way to feed their family. It is a...