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  1. marshland_max

    WTB Large Omni Belt

    I m in need of a Large ranger green Omni Belt. I have a Medium id trade. I need the dual delta strap one. Thanks!
  2. marshland_max

    WTB Large Omni Belt

    I m in need of a Large ranger green Omni Belt. I have a Medium id trade. Thanks!
  3. marshland_max

    One off Stuff, Powder, bullets and other component

    Hey guys I have a tremendous amount of 1 off stuff whether its an open #1 bottle of powder or one thats had liek 10 loads out of it for trying a load. To bullets and some factory ammo. Things Like R25 / R26, H335 , H1000 exedra. I could get a full list. Also stuff like factory loaded 7 mm 08...
  4. marshland_max

    Fun AM watch!

    If you want to cut to 8:30 minutes go ahead, but I love the comparison!
  5. marshland_max

    What Kifaru Frame?

    Guys looking for some advice on what Kifaru frame just for meat hauling. Older/Newer models. I m gonna be using my new scout for all my day hunts. Just need a frame for Packing out meat. So far I have tried all the cheaper frame options. Kelty Cache, SJK frame , F1 mainframe, Cabelas...
  6. marshland_max

    WTB Barney's Frame

    Looking for a Barneys Freighter Frame. Let me know what you might have thanks!
  7. marshland_max

    WTB Kifaru Scout or Tailgunner

    Yep, looking for a VG to Mint condition Scout or possibly a Tailgunner Hit me up if you got one thanks!
  8. marshland_max

    Best Compact Binos

    Hey guys I've got a good idea of what I want to go to, but I'd like to hear what everyone else is doing as well. I spend on avg 7-10 days out west - ie west of the Mississippi a year. The rest of the time I m im beating brush in the North East. I have been looking and looking for a do all pair...
  9. marshland_max

    Sold 300 wsm ammo

    As you see in the pictures. Factory ammo. Lets start it at $200 best offer, shipping included!
  10. marshland_max

    Sold Kkm 7" 10mm Barrel

    Basically brand new kkm 7" 10mm barrel. Less than 50 rounds. $150 includes shipping
  11. marshland_max

    Olympus EM5 IIs Opinions

    Hey everyone, was looking for opinions and experiences with your Olympus EM5 IIs. Joel from camera land is sending me one after some discussion. I m not familiar with the Olympus line of cameras. I m hoping to get some real world experiences posted up as I m trying to decide which camera is...
  12. marshland_max

    Optic Suggestions

    Hey guys looking for solid suggestions in the 5 to $600 range on an optic for my 7 mm mag going to be shooting out to 600 yards using 175 grain Nosler load I've developed for a strictly hunting. Sent from my SM-J337V using Tapatalk
  13. marshland_max

    New scope ideas wanted!

    Hey Everyone looking for options on a new scope for my 7mm Rem Mag. I'm running 168gr Berger's right at 3000 fps. Basically have this set up as a medium range rifle 0-600. It's super hard to find much locally to actually look at because here in eastern deer country medium / premium optics are...
  14. marshland_max

    Smoker Recommendations

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but I m looking for a new smoker. I want to go with something decent under $500. Any suggestions would be awesome thanks!
  15. marshland_max

    WTB HPG Bino Pouch

    I'm looking, anyone willing to part with one? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  16. marshland_max

    Area 419 Hellfire F/S

    Got a new Area 419 Hellfire .30 cal break. It can be used for anything .30 cal or smaller. Never had a round through it. It was installed, but I never used the break, just ran a thread protector on it. Thread pitch is 1/2 x 28. Other thread pitch adapters are available from Area 419. Go to the...
  17. marshland_max

    7 mm Rem Mag Barrel Chop

    Just some good info for anyone interested. I just took the muzzle break off my 7 mm Rem Mag and was super tired of the 26" barrel it was screwed to. ( break is for sale ) So, I ran it to the smith and had him chop it to a true 23" barrel with an 11* re-crown. Rifle now weighs 9.25 lbs with...
  18. marshland_max

    Bait Barrel

    Not trying to reinvent the wheel, but I was wondering if anyone has a proven method on a building a trickle feeder. I need to get 7-8 days out of a bait. 3 days is about all I seem to get now......
  19. marshland_max

    SWFA 12x42 Mil Rad with matching Rings

    Basically brand new. Was used on a rifle for 30 rounds. Sold the rifle. This scope is fantastic for the money. I just don't need it. Rock bottom price is $275 with the rings + shipping. I'd like to get it to someone who's going to use it. Thanks Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  20. marshland_max

    SWFA 12x42

    Great scope, don't really want to let it go, but I don't need it. Barely used. Was on the rifle for 30 rounds. $300 comes with the matching SWFA 30 mm rings. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk