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    Sold Kuiu Package

    If you decide to split, in for the venture.
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    WTS/WTT Flir PTS Pro233 Thermal

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    WTB Thermarest Z-lite pad

    I'm looking for a z-lite sleeping pad for my daughter. Short or long dont matter. Thanks!
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    Atlas bipod rattle

    Any updates
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    Tips for selling and avoiding scammers

    Also a call or text to the buyer or seller just for a point of contact.
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    Tips for selling and avoiding scammers

    Never dealt with ammo, but everything I've bought and sold here has been with either cash or check if under a couple hundred. If over a USPS money order is the route I go. I dont ship, or expect shipment until the funds clear. I despise paypal and to this day cant understand why everyone does...
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    Atlas bipod rattle

    Haven't heard of a noise issue since the V7 series. Keep me posted if you would.
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    Atlas bipod rattle

    Yup that's a real atlas for sure. I would contact Kasey at B&T Industries. There is a bushing in there so it may be worn. I have no doubt they will get you squared away
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    Atlas bipod rattle

    Do they rattle extended or retracted?
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    Atlas bipod rattle

    Dont know the store, but theres alot if fakes out there. Do you know if it's a V8 or higher bt10?
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    Atlas bipod rattle

    Never heard anyone have noise issues with one. Where is the noise coming from, between the 2 legs that slide together? Can you upload a picture of it. Hopefully it's a legit atlas and not a knock off.
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    Another scammer!

    Now not all that deal in cash or MO's are scammers! I've done every one of my dealings either selling or buying that way on here for years. Sucks you got hosed on the deal. Generally a phone call after the pm is how I do business too. I figure if it was a scammer they wouldn't want to talk or...
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    WTB 3P Backpacking tent

    Looking for a 3 person backpacking tent for a summer Colorado trip.
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    Solomon quest 4d vs Crispi Colorodo

    For the price I dont think you can beat the Salomon Quest 4D boots. I wore out a pair after 5 years and just picked up another pair.
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    movable holster for pack hip belt to self

    Any paddle holster will work great. As others have mentioned a drop leg mount works well too as it mounts to your pant belt and drops the pistol just below the pack belt. Gcode or safariland are gtg. I prefer friction over hooded type holsters.
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    Kufaru pack belt sizing

    Just spoke to Aron. Going with a small
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    Kufaru pack belt sizing

    Looking to put in an order to kifaru. I had a duplex a few years ago that had a medium belt. I always felt it was too big. My pant size is a loose 33 waist. If I measure up on my hips I get 37 inches. Would a small be too small? I might see if they still do smedium belts? I dont have the...

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