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    Getting Tags - Point Creep vs ???

    We have point creep and increased numbers of applicants for western hunting. What's the best option?
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    225 gr FTX for 50 Cal?

    I have some 250 gr XTPs and like them. Thinking of doing a little longer range shooting - can't get the 250 gr FTXs, just the 225s. Anyone have any experience with these? I heard FTX bullets will expand down to 900 fps, so this might be a good one for ML?
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    Ram Truck question

    Neighbors ram Truck has issues when turning. Makes a hammering noise when he cuts the wheels normal and turns. No noise if wide turn. He's gone as far as feeling the tires when turning and moving, says he feels a sharp rap but no restriction to movement or any kind of hindrance. Anyone got...
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    Round ball from a sabot

    Anyone do that? For cheap practice and close encounters.
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    Is ammo availability gonna affect your hunting season?

    Okay - I'm supposed to go to a charity sporting clay shoot and can't find any 12 ga shotshells local. The going price online is about $150/case of 250. Some guys are asking $50 for 25 round box of #6 shot. LOL! Also looked at other ammo and keep drawing a blank. Most stuff seems sold out...
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    Point Creep

    Buddy wants to head back to hunt Mule deer again. Cool. He suggests getting another point for 2022. We bought one last year as insurance. So 10 guys applied for 10 tags in 2019 when we went. It was up to 15 guys for 2020. We have 5 guys having a point for 2021. Say 20 guys apply for 10...
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    Another Alaska Fishing Trip Thread

    Hi Guys - I'm in FL and see plenty of tourists visiting the mouse and theme parks. Last time I went to a theme park was 1997. If you came down, I'd tell you to do the parks for sure, then you gotta hit the beach for a day or two and also have to do an airboat tour to see the wild gators and...
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    Anyone reloading 350 Legend?

    Flinched on a buck w 3006 and decided enough - ordered a 350 L Ruger carbine, some live ammo, brass and 170 gr Hornady bullets. Seen reference to 170 interlocks up to 2500 fps out of Ruger 16 inch barrel. That's impressive for a load of Lil Gun. Also ordered a sizing die for downsizing 140...
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    3006 - 130 gr Accubond Question

    Does anyone load up the 130 gr Accubond or Ballistic Tip for the 3006? Is it a good idea? Accuracy? Killing power? I shoot 150s right now and like the idea of stepping down to a lighter bullet.
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    Help me put a reflex sight on a 9mm carbine

    Yes, not sexy but wife can shoot it and go boom, boom, boom. Prices up to 500. Do I need to spend 500?
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    Ruger 9mm Carbine

    Looking and looking. This gun any good? Be easy for wife to use, has good reviews. Should be a good pinker to 100 yds. Anyone got one or a good reason to say no? 556 would be 2nd option but I'd rather not go there. Too. Much $, $$$.
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    Cheap spotter

    Hoping to find a decent cheap spotter. 20+ magnification. Shooting range, stars, maybe some Hunting, bird watching. Sold a viper, looking for replacement in the sub 200 range.
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    Accurate 243 hunting rifle

    What is a very accurate 243 hunting rifle? I'd like to work up some loads for use to 400 yards. Right now I'm getting some almost 1-inch loads and using 3 diff bullets and multiple powder ranges. The last range trip was today - Rifle is 9 in 1 twist, Rem 770 (budget gun) and best groups...
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    Big Bucks Question

    Was just looking at 2 posts and they got me thinking. We don't have the numbers of mule deer that we used to, and that translates into less BIG bucks for folks to hunt. So - what's to blame? There are a ton of variables, across multiple states - it's not like all the deer are gone from here...
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    Binocular Question

    I'm thinking to upgrade my Leupold Mojaves (no they aren't HD) - wanting something that helps see the deer better, makes 'em more visible maybe. Buddy had cheaper but newer Leupolds on hunt and the deer were more noticeable than in mine. Figure a better pair of binocs might work better. I...
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    .243 Opinions

    Last year I shot my first & only muley buck with a .243. Bullet performance was so-so, dead deer, no misses, no tracking, so it worked. I may be asking for more than the caliber can give and may be too picky cause the buck was only on his feet about 3 seconds after first shot, hobbled a little...
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    WTS Horn Hunter Mainbeam XL

    Pack is as-new. Purchased in late 2018/early 2019 for what was supposed to be a back country hunt and ended up truck hunting. Pack was used a few times around home and a few times in CO 2019 season. Never seen meat, blood, or even dead animals - the couple times I wore it were just "walks in...
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    Western Hunting - the Illusion of Seclusion

    No big secret that I'm from the eastern half of the states and the two western adventures I went on were 30+ hour drives each way. They were 0 pt draws and in areas where we can definitely say "the effect of others was felt". So, you see these videos and the guys are seemingly all alone in...
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    WY question... S...

    what can be said about hunting sage brush and rolling hills? are those areas any good - or is it only productive after snow pushes deer down out of the mountians?
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    .243 90 gr Sierra Game Changer

    I just got some RCBS dies for 243 and ordered a small box (50) of the 90 gr Sierra Game Changer bullets for reloading. I have mostly 1x fired Federal brass been saving. 4350 powder from loading 3006. Rifle is 22 inch barrel Rem 770 that keeps Bluebox Federals inside 4 inches at 225 yards...