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  1. hunter4life

    Trophy documentary

    I just watched this interview with the filmmakers of the Trophy documentary that was on CNN the other night. I think the interview is better than the documentary and is definitely worth the 22 minutes to watch. It sounds like after seeing things on the ground these 2 anti-hunters actually...
  2. hunter4life

    A few Sangre de Cristo Rams

    This past weekend I met some relatives at Zapata falls campground in Colorado. Seven of us hiked up Ellingwood point, a 14'er in the southern end of the Sangre de Cristos. I saw 6 rams on the way down. Three were way off and these three happened to be close enough for a decent picture.
  3. hunter4life

    Lightning photos

    We have been getting some good lightning storms here in SE NM. Here are a few photos from outside my house. These are the first 2 storms I have tried photographing and I am still trying to perfect my technique. The first storm I was eaten alive by all the mosquitoes. Enjoy.