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    Blacktail trail cam thread 2021

    Buck have been hard to get on camera this year .. I’ve got 2 little guys who think they are zoolander tho oh and mr big nuts
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    How do you tell how wide ?

    How you you field judge a Colombian black tail ? How wide are average ears ? Say I wanted a 16”+ buck .. what boxes should it check ….
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    Trinity Alps Blacktail Migration

    Be care full they will move back up if the weather lets up We were at 6400 and a storm moved in and the 4 bucks I was watching disappeared for 2 days while we hunkered down on the mountain. After it cleared the came right back up ... this was the last week of b-zone several years ago packed in...
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    Trinity Area Fall Bear Hunt

    There are a metric ton of bears in the trinitys my group saw over 10 during deer season in a 5 day trip . Your best elevation is going to depend on date and weather I’d say before October stay higher than 6k and if after nov1 4K and below
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    Coastal Ca archery opener vs rifle opener buck behavior

    I’m excited for archery opener this year and I’ve seen a few shooters bedding in a canyon I intend to hunt . How long into archery season should I expect before they get hard horned and full nocturnal
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    Fort hunter Liggett Jr hunt

    I took my kids to a Jr pheasant hunting in Atascadero. And met a fellow that used blade the roads for the army .. he recommended the youth hunt there . There are walk in only spots ... focus there and still hunt around between 11am-1 pm
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    UPDATE!! Montana constitutional carry bill & the I'm pro 2A but" crowd.

    Wow , “a hole in your foot at the grocery store “ More me but not for thee, democrat liberty lessons Sounds great, but it’s obvious you dont get it
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    Duck hunting in Texas

    If you are in Texas book a crane hunt .. unfortunately probably not to close to h-town tho
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    Trinity Alps Blacktail Migration

    All blacktails in the mountains move from their summer grounds to winter grounds. does snd fawns move first and bucks a few weeks or a storm behind . I have never seen or heard of a true heard migration west of I-5 . In d zones and c zones ive seen herd migrations with groups of 100 plus deer...
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    Trinity Alps Blacktail Migration

    If you saw does you just couldn’t see the bucks During rifle they are always higher than does snd mostly solo except you yearling bucks
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    Rookie Luck-2021 Idaho Spring Bear

    Linguisa for the win on bear recipes I brine and smoke the shanks and hams ( shanks bone in and hams boneless . ) trick is to use a bit of gelitan when you truss the ham before smoking Back straps get used for pot roasts and stews (hank shaws chilindron is next level ) Shoulders get ground...
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    Why you dont hunt with some people anymore

    Oh man I've got a few good ones One fellow begged to hunt with my Group one season because he heard we saw bears all the time. I invited him to join me on a second week of the season hunt. I pick him up at his house and we head up on a Friday . We hunt till Sunday and head home. He was a 5150...
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    Stages of antler growth

    Looking farther along in mid A-zone this week
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    Simplest recipe for venison in a crock pot?

    Look up hank shaws chilindron.. you’ll be a hero
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    Looking for a Utah packer

    I’m looking for a packer to run a drop camp for me out of toole. Any recommendations are appreciated
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    Which size Kuiu pro Bino harness do I want for my Swarovski 10x42 El Range with Tracking

    Not the large .. I have the large and have a 8.5x50 in them and I am down sizing for the x42 I just got
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    140 gr. or 150 gr. Barnes TTSX for an elk round?

    Right on thanks
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    Black bear shot placement

    I always aim for the opposite shoulder. Be very careful of shooting to high on bears. there is a lot of fat and bulk on their ridge that the bullet don't hurt. I've never personaly lost a bear. But I've seen many run off on bad shots , down a canyon you'll never get in to . They wee all a result...
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    140 gr. or 150 gr. Barnes TTSX for an elk round?

    Care to share the load ? I'm working up ttsx in 150 currently and could use some help