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    Thanks man! It shoots amazing too
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    I lucked out and saw one brand new on RMS gear. I plan on ordering another one at some point to have a back up. Whatever his wait is would be worth it. It’s a shooter
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    I have a heartland bow. It’s awesome! Love the grip and it feels like you can hold all day at full draw. It’s definitely my favorite bow
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    Kifaru vs Mystery ranch

    I had the met calf for a while and finally got my hands on a Kifaru. I have carried a lot of weight in each and to me the Kifaru is hands down more comfortable
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    Bob Lee Shikari

    I’d like to but can’t justify it. The limbs specifically seem awesome
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    What length bows is everyone shooting?

    30 inch draw and I shoot 62in recurves the best.
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    Hip Surgery Labrum tear

    Had my right hip done last year. I’m 30 and in very good shape. I was running 2-4 miles a day in 3 months. And carrying bear bait to my bait station earlier then that. It’s worth getting it done. I had hip pain for 12 years.
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    Zip Up Leg Gaiters?

    T&K hunting gear has zip up gaiters
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    Wrangler outdoor pants

    I have a few of these pants and absolutely love them. I’ve had 2 since 2016 that are still good to go.
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    How often are you practicing?

    I try to shoot daily even if it’s just in my garage with video to watch form flaws since Alaska gets a little cold during the winter
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    Traditional harvests

    This was my first traditional bow kill! July of 2020 in Alaska. As if I wasn’t addicted to the traditional bow before this really lit the fire
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    New custom recurve

    You won’t regret it! I have a black and white ebony 55 at 28 from him I just got. Bow shoots awesome! The grip is very repeatable and it feels like I can hold it all day
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    FS: Mystery Ranch Crew Cab complete setup $450

    Can you send me pix I am very interested?
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    New Guy

    Hey guys, I'm new here. I grew up in Arkansas but currently live in Colorado due to the military.